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With a commitment to editorial excellence and in-depth coverage of the changes, trends, and technologies shaping the geophysics industry, SEG’s portfolio of publications and books provides key information and resources for geoscience professionals around the world.

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The Leading Edge

Read the latest issue of The Leading Edge in the SEG Library or via our Digital Edition.

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Browse JEEG and SAGEEP Proceedings in the SEG Library.

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Western Profile

Read archived issues of Western Profile.

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SEG members receive online access to The Leading Edge and Geophysics (1936–1999) as benefits of membership. Subscriptions to Geophysics (2000–present) or Interpretation (2013–present) may be added at a special member price. Members may add a subscription below to enjoy access to all SEG journal content.

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SEG offers a range of services designed to support and promote contributions by SEG authors.

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