Interpretation Section Instructions

Special instructions to authors contributing to the Pitfalls series

The purpose of the Pitfalls series is to advance the awareness of users of geophysical technology in the practice and art of interpretation by understanding failed cases of technology application.


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The method of presenting a pitfall is to illustrate how a geophysical technology can be inadvertently misused, resulting in convincing but false answers.

The organization of the paper is intended to follow the common standards of the journal including abstract, conclusion, and references but with the following special adaptations:

  1. Title
    To recognize the paper as one of the Pitfalls series, the title should begin with "Pitfall," note the technology used, and the intended use for interpretation (e.g., Pitfall in the use of AVO for Stratigraphic Identification).
  2. Introduction
    The introduction should motivate the reader about why this pitfall is important.
  3. Methodology
    This should include a basic description of the technology and how it is supposed to work when done correctly. It should also include known and stated geophysical assumptions and limitations of key steps in the workflow.
  4. Results
    This is the description of how and why the application of the technology did not work correctly. This could be due to invalid assumptions, inappropriate methodology, a gap in critical data, or an incomplete understanding of key geophysical principles. The pitfall should be illustrated by specific example(s). This should be the central element of the paper.
  5. Suggestions for further study
    In this section, the author is also free to advise how to avoid the pitfall or how to mitigate the chances that it can occur.

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