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Geophysics is a peer-reviewed journal, and the success of the journal to a large degree depends on the quality of the volunteer peer reviews. Recent economic developments resulted in additional work pressure that has made it harder for subject-matter experts to devote sufficient time to provide good peer reviews. In an alarming recent trend, reviewers are becoming ever more difficult to recruit. It is now not unusual to see 6-8 rejections to review a given paper submission.

With this award, editors want to further recognize the fundamental contributions the reviewers bring to the publication process and encourage people to contribute more of their valuable time to this effort. Editors also hope that elevating the prestige of the reviewer will further strengthen the peer-review process.

The award will be given annually to a reviewer who is recognized by a combination of high-quality and proficient reviews as judged by the Editor and Assistant Editors of Geophysics according to the following criteria:

  1. the reviewer must be one of the top five reviewers in terms of the quantity of reviews where reviews for successive revisions are counted as separate reviews
  2. the reviews are of consistently high quality
  3. the reviews are returned efficiently

If no reviewer qualifies based on these criteria, no award is given. In the rare case of a tie, more than one award can be given. The award is presented each year during the SEG Annual Meeting.

Geophysics Reviewers of the Year

2019 – Alexey Stovas
2018 – Julián L. Gómez
2017 – Gaurav Dutta
2016 – Alexey Stovas
2015 – Steve Arcone
2014 – Mark Pilkington
2013 – Peter Cary
2012 – Jan Thorbecke

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