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SEG strives to produce error-free books, but when errata are reported, the corrections will be available here. The SEG Reference Publications staff apologizes for any inconvenience caused by these errors.

Corrections are available for the following books:

Seismic Petrophysics in Quantitative Interpretation, 2016 printing by Lev Vernik

Elements of 3D Seismology, third edition, by Christopher L. Liner

3D Seismic Survey Design, second edition, by Gijs J. O. Vermeer

Fundamentals of Gravity Exploration, by Thomas R. LaFehr and Misac N. Nabighian

Elements of Seismic Dispersion: A Somewhat Practical Guide to Frequency-dependent Phenomena, by Christopher L. Liner

Edge and Tip Diffractions: Theory and Applications in Seismic Prospecting, by Kamill Klem-Musatov, Arkady Aizenberg, Jan Pajchel, and Hans B. Helle

Seismic Data Processing with Seismic Un*x: A 2D Seismic Data Processing Primer, by David Forel, Thomas Benz, and Wayne D. Pennington

Geophysical Characterization of Gas Hydrates, edited by Michael Riedel, Eleanor C. Willoughby, and Satinder Chopra

  • Figure 12 of Chapter 4 should have been credited to Shimeld et al., 2004. Data courtesy of EnCana Corp.

    Shimeld, J., D. Mosher, K. Louden, C. LeBlanc, and K. Osadetz, 2004, Bottom simulating reflectors and hydrate occurrences beneath the Scotian Slope, offshore eastern Canada: AAPG Hedberg Conference, Expanded Abstracts.
  • A revised Chapter 25 is available as a free download from the SEG Digital Library. Please visit the chapter page to download the revised version which expands authorship and contains more complete attribution than did the original chapter.

Please contact Jennifer Cobb to report additional errata.

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