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Month Special Section topic Submission deadline Guest Editor(s)
July Seismic interpretation Past due Heather Bedle 
Jean-Paul Van Gestel 
Coordinator: Margarita Corzo
August Surface-wave applications Past due Sarah Morton 
Coordinator: Steve Sloan 
September Rock physics Past due

Agni Das 
Coordinator: Mita Sengupta 

October Quantitative interpretation 1-Jun-21 Agni Das 
Coordinator: Mita Sengupta 
November Geomechanics 1-Jul-21 Thomas Finkbeiner 
Coordinator: Arpita Pal Bathija 
December Latin America 1-Aug-21

Antonio Jose Velasquez Espejo 
Coordinator: Margarita Corzo 



Month Special Section topic Submission deadline Guest Editor(s)
January Seismic acquisition 1-Sep-21 Keith Millis 
Coordinator: Chengbo Li 
February Lifetime of the well 1-Oct-21 Coordinator: Chester Weiss 
March Unconventionals 1-Nov-21 Coordinator: Mita Sengupta 
April North Sea 1-Dec-21

Coordinator: Margarita Corzo 

May Engineering geophysics 1-Jan-22 Coordinator: TBD
June Physics-driven machine learning 1-Feb-22 Coordinator: Chengbo Li 
July Potential fields 1-Mar-22 Coordinator: Chester Weiss 
August Hydrogeophysics 1-Apr-22 Coordinator: Arpita Pal Bathija 
September Digital transformation 1-May-22

Coordinator: Mita Sengupta 

October Planetary geophysics 1-Jun-22 Coordinator: TBD
November Geohazards 1-Jul-22 Coordinator: TBD
December Seismic reservoir modeling 1-Aug-22

Coordinator: TBD

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