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Month Special Section topic Submission deadline Guest Editor(s)
May Geomechanics past due

Marisela Sanchez-Nagel
Mark Tingay
James Verdon

Yongyi Li
Doug Foster

June Advancements in image processing past due

Nishank Saxena
Qi Zhao 

Coordinator: Kyle Spikes

July Mediterranean focus past due Coordinator: Ulrich Zimmer
August Big-data visualization and interpretation past due

Peter Harris

Coordinator: Baishali Roy

September Cross-disciplinary applications of geophysics 15 May 2018 Coordinators:
Kyle Spikes
Yongyi Li
October Infrastructure assessment 15 June 2018 Coordinator: Steve Sloan
November Subsalt direct hydrocarbon indicators (DHIs) 15 July 2018

Mahmet Tanis

Coordinator: Mosab Nasser

December General submissions 15 August 2018 Coordinator: Mosab Nasser


Month Special Section topic Submission deadline Guest Editor(s)
January Case studies: Conventionals 15 September 2018 Coordinator: Kyle Spikes
February Case studies: Unconventionals 15 October 2018 Coordinator: Baishali Roy
March Full-waveform inversion 15 November 2018 Coordinator: Ulrich Zimmer
April India 15 December 2018 Coordinator: Baishali Roy
May Rock physics 15 January 2019 Coordinator:
Yongyi Li
June Near-surface geophysics 15 February 2019 Coordinator: Steve Sloan
July Machine learning 15 March 2019 Coordinator: Baishali Roy
August China 15 April 2019 Coordinator:
Yongyi Li
September Acquisition and sensing 15 May 2019 TBD
October AVO inversion 15 June 2019 TBD
November Borehole geophysics 15 July 2019 Coordinator: Kyle Spikes
December General submissions 15 August 2019 TBD
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