SEG Policies

See below for a quick guide to the policies of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists regarding privacy, publications, purchases, and personnel. Contact us for more information on this or any aspect of our organization.


Purchasing Policies

Refund Policy

Information about getting your money back on any purchase from SEG.

Shipping and Payment Policy

SEG's shipping policies and accepted forms of payment for book purchases.

Claims Policy

How to file claims if you are subscribed to SEG journals in print but haven't received a copy in the mail.


Publications Policies

Open-Access Policy

For authors wishing to learn about open-access publishing options.

Data Policy

For the preservation of scientific data to advance geophysical research.

Ethical Guidelines

Principles that SEG Publications require of any author publishing with us.



Privacy Policies

Privacy Policy

All you need to know about how SEG protects your privacy.

Cookie Policy

All about our use of "cookies" on the SEG website.


Anti-Harassment Policy

Personnel Policies

Participants in Society activities should enjoy an environment free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

Anti-Harassment Policy (PDF)
Harassment Complaint Form (PDF)

SEG Whistleblower Hotline

If you are aware or suspect unethical behavior that raises concern, or can cause harm to employees, the company, and or its members, report it online at:
Username: seg
Password: whistle

or by phone at: +1.877.778.5463


Antitrust Policy

Personnel Policies

It is SEG's firm and resolute policy, to which no exception is made, that all SEG activities shall be conducted in strict conformity with applicable antitrust laws.

Antitrust Compliance Policy


Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

This policy applies to the Board, committees, members, staff, and volunteers of SEG and third parties who participate in social-media activities with or on behalf of SEG or when speaking as Board, committee members, members, staff, and volunteers of SEG.

Download Social Media Policy


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