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Rock Physics and Digital Rock Applications Workshop in Beijing 20-23 May

This workshop will highlight new ideas in rock physics, focusing on unconventional oil/gas and new tools for micro-nano digital rock while discussing new methods, theories, and techniques. These could be game changers in the fields of rock physics for unconventional hydrocarbon accumulation, seismic reservoir prediction, logging formation evaluation, drilling and completion engineering, fracture network formation mechanism and monitoring, and more. Register today.

Kurt Marfurt’s DISC on tour

Kurt Marfurt will present the SEG 2018 Distinguished Instructor Short Course Seismic Attributes as the Framework for Data Integration throughout the Oilfield Life Cycle 25 May in Dallas, Texas. Participants should have a basic understanding of sedimentology and structural geology and familiarity, but not necessarily expertise in 3D seismic interpretation. Learn more or register now.

Summer Research Workshop

The SEG Summer Research Workshop Recent Advances and Applications in Borehole Geophysics 27-30 August in Galveston, Texas, will include a comprehensive review and exchange on what is possible today by using sensors inside the borehole. Student registration grants have been set up for this workshop with preference given to students who submitted abstracts. Read more or register today.

Now available in print and e-book formats

SEG has published Introduction to Petroleum Seismology, second edition by Luc T. Ikelle and Lasse Amundsen, a major update and expansion of the original work. Each new chapter contains both analytical and computational exercises, and applicable MatLab® codes to help readers improve their understanding of the vast array of theoretical and practical topics included. Readers now may choose from print or e-book versions.

It's "Get Caught Reading" month ...

... and we're celebrating with 50% off through 19 May! On sale are: Fundamentals of Gravity Exploration, by Thomas R. LaFehr and Misac Nabighian; Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, 4th Ed, by Robert E. Sheriff; and Reflections in the Field: Commemorating the 75th Anniversary/SEG, an award-winning DVD highlighting the past, present, and future direction in geophysics and SEG’s role in fostering the science. Start shopping!

27-30 AUG
Galveston, TX
SEG Summer Research Workshop: Recent Advances and Applications in Borehole Geophysics Abstracts due:
15 MAY
5-7 AUG
Daqing Oilfield
SEG Reservoir Geophysics Workshop

Abstracts due:
23 MAY

17-19 SEP Beijing, China Maximizing Asset Value through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Workshop Abstracts due:
30 MAY
19-21 NOV
Hurghada, Egypt
Red Sea Exploration Workshop Abstracts due:
21 JUN

12-14 NOV
Beijing, China

SEG Seismic Imaging Workshop Abstracts due:
10 JUL

3-5 DEC
Kuwait City, Kuwait

Advances in Land Seismic Data Processing Abstracts due:
30 JUL
14-19 OCT Anaheim, CA SEG18 International Exposition and 88th Annual Meeting Early Bird Savings End:
21 AUG
19-22 MAY
Xi'an, China
International Workshop on Gravity, Electrical & Magnetic Methods and Their Applications (GEM 2019 Xi’an) Abstracts due:
30 NOV

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