Understanding Signals: Basic waveform analysis from a geophysical perspective recently published by SEG

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Tulsa, OK, 17 June 2019 – The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) has added to its book catalog a new title, Understanding Signals: Basic waveform analysis from a geophysical perspective, by Michael Burianyk.

Written for students and professionals who support geophysicists, this book presents an informal discussion of fundamental concepts underlying geophysical interpretation—concepts applicable for an analytical approach to any phenomena that can be measured and recorded.

Alan Jackson, the book’s managing editor and volume editor, calls the book “a painless introduction to signal analysis.” “Having worked with many software developers,” Jackson said, “I know that many of them had a strong desire to understand what it was they were coding, and why. This volume certainly addresses that desire. Another potential audience is the interpreter who has not come from a geophysics or data processing background but wants to understand some basic concepts like Fourier transforms, Nyquist, and other signal fundamentals. Overall, this is a well-done and gentle introduction to what can be an intimidating subject.”

Burianyk holds a BSc in physics and geophysics and an MSc in geological sciences from the University of Saskatchewan, writing his thesis on seismic data he helped collect on an Arctic ice station. He earned a PhD in geophysics from the University of Alberta, studying the crust and lithosphere of western Canada, planning and participating in several LITHOPROBE field programs.

After spending time in academic research, Burianyk moved to the petroleum industry where he gained expertise in amplitude versus offset methods, seismic inversion, rock physics, and seismic petrophysics with Core Labs and later Shell Canada. He lived in The Netherlands for a decade, working with Shell’s R&D group in gravity and magnetics and later in its software development division as a geoscience subject-matter expert directing the development of software applications and creating associated workflows for gravity and magnetics, EM, QI seismic, seismic balancing, surface gridding, and geodetics. He currently lives in France creating geophysical educational material and pursuing other writing projects.

The book is available in print from seg.org/shop and as an e-book at library.seg.org. SEG Members save 45% off list price. A free podcast discussing the book is available at seg.org/podcast.

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