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The SEG Advanced Modeling Corporation has been a favorite topic of SEG journals, conferences, and Annual Meetings since its inception.

The SEAM Story

The story of SEAM as told at SEG Denver 2014.

Since the completion of the first SEAM project, the data sets generated have proven invaluable to advancing research in the study of geophysics. Now that SEAM data sets are available to the public, geoscientists and institutions everywhere can tap into this valuable resource for their own research needs.

Imaging of primaries and multiples with 3D SEAM synthetic 
Lu, Whitmore, Valenciano, and Chemingui

RTM images from SEAM data show interesting features 
Stork, Compton, and Heuermann

Improved RTM depth image with full waveform inversion 
Bulcão, Filho, Catão, Moreira, Van den Berg, and Gisolf

Resolution analysis for full wavefield inversion and its application to time-lapse 
Song, Baumstein, and Routh

Efficient parallel algorithms for Hierarchically SemiSeparable (HSS) matrices: Kernel of a massively parallel structured direct Helmholtz solver 
Wang, Xia, Situ, de Hoop, and Li

Fast stochastic inversion of marine CSEM and seismic data with the Neighbourhood Algorithm 
Fliedner, Treitel, Frenkel, and MacGregor

On the separation of simultaneous-source data by inversion 
Ayeni, Almomin, and Nichols

Multiple attenuation challenges for a multivessel coil survey 
Espinoza, Dragoset and Curtin

Green's theorem derived methods for preprocessing seismic data when the pressure P and its normal derivative are measured 
Mayhan, Terenghi, Weglein and Chemingui

RTM angle gathers using Poynting vectors 
Dickens and Winbow

Time-reversal methods for RTM and FWI 
Anderson, Tan and Wang


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