SEAM Phase II Technical Committee

Technical Committees are the functioning bodies leading technical development of the project.


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Technical Committees are the functioning bodies leading technical development of the project. Members develop plans to address specific technical challenges and oversee execution of the work. Each Phase II Participant may nominate a representative to each Technical Committee.

While the Technical Committees meet as needed, co-chairs of the committees meet monthly to coordinate their plans and progress. Technical Committee chairmen are appointed by the Management Committee.

The following Technical Committees have been established by the Phase II Management Committee:

Near-Surface Modeling

Shon Bourgeois, Marathon
Donnie Enns, OXY
Fred Shirley, Repsol
Tim Keho, Saudi Aramco, chair

Chris Krohn, ExxonMobil
Carl Regone, BP
Joseph Stefani, Chevron

Subsurface Modeling

Ray Barrett, BP, co-chair
Bruce Blake, Repsol
Donnie Enns, OXY
Mike Cogan, Statoil
Gladys Gonzalez, Repsol
Elizabeth L'Heureux, BP

Jimmy Muskaj, Repsol
Fred Shirley, Repsol
Charles Sicking, Global Geophysical, co-chair
Joseph Stefani, Chevron
Qunshan Zhang, Repsol

Acquisition & Processing

Robert Bloor, Ion
Tim Brice, WesternGeco
Donnie Enns, OXY
Mike Cogan, Statoil
Maria Donati, Repsol
George El-Kaseeh, WesternGeco
Tom Fleure, Global Geophysical
Dale Harger, Talisman
Steve Knapp, Hess, co-chair
Kyle Lewallen, ExxonMobil, co-chair

Forest Lin, CGG
Corey Morgan, BHP Billiton
Jean-Marc Mougenot, Total
Jimmy Muskaj, Repsol
Gareth O'Brien, Tullow
Carl Regone, BP
Gerry Wilbourn, Anadarko
Olivier Winter, CGG

Numerical Design

Gladys Gonzalez, Repsol
Scott Morton, Hess
Gareth O'Brien, Tullow
Jean-Patrick Mascomere, Total

Michael Oristaglio, acting chair
Joseph Stefani, Chevron
Igor Terentyev, Hess
Tetyana Vdovina, ExxonMobil
Qunshan Zhang, Repsol

Advisory Members

Zhou Feng, Sinopec
Zhu Hailong, Sinopec
Peter Wang, WesternGeco

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SEAM Phase II Participants

SEAM Phase II Participants
Phase II Membership Agreement

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