SEAM Phase I Technical Committee

Technical Committees are the functioning bodies leading technical development of the project.

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Members develop plans to address specific technical challenges and oversee execution of the work. Each Phase I Participant may nominate a representative to each Technical Committee.

While the Technical Committees meet as needed, co-chairs of the six committees meet monthly to coordinate their plans and progress. Technical Committee chairmen are appointed by the Management Committee.

The following six Technical Committees have been established by the Phase I Management Committee:

Model Design Committee

Responsible for the identification of geophysical technical issues to be incorporated into realizable models. The committee will describe the features and intent of model design, incorporate geological and geophysical principles, specify parameters, define anticipated products, and deliver numerical representations for model execution.


Richard Day (ConocoPhillips) and Joe Stefani (Chevron)


Kevin Bishop (BHP Billiton), Lynn Duncan (Maersk), Mark Gordon (Repsol),
Ted Naylor (BHP Billiton), Dean Stoughton (BHP Billiton), Pierre Thore (Total), Joel Walls (Rock Solid)

Numerical Design Committee

Responsible for the selection and integrity of the modeling code used in projects. The committee will identify available model codes, test and benchmark these codes for their appropriateness to the model intent and execution, and establish time benchmarks and run-time estimates for project models.


Scott Morton (Hess) and John Anderson (ExxonMobil)


Robert Bloor (GXT), Luca Cazzola (Eni), Nizar Chemingui (PGS), Arthur Cheng (SEAM Board), Elive Menyoli (Marathon), Are Osen (Statoil), Joe Stefani (Chevron)

Execution Committee

Responsible for selecting the appropriate computer resources for numerical models, managing data flow, and monitoring the quality of model executions.


John Weigant (Geotrace) and Wenying Cai (Repsol)


Nicola Bienati (Eni), Richard Day (ConocoPhillips), Ron Kerr (Devon), Mihai Popovici (3DGeo)

Storage and Distribution Committee

Responsible for data storage integrity, selection of appropriate compression code, and identification of possible "classic" subsets of the simulated data.


Arthur Cheng (Halliburton) and Ray Gedaly (Repsol)


Vangel Bojaxhi (WesternGeco), Damon Simmons (Marathon)

Acquisition Design Committee

Responsible for designing acquisition strategies for simulated seismic datasets and for integration between all Technical Committees.


Adam Seitchik (Devon) and Shon Bourgeois (Marathon)


Tim Brice (WesternGeco), Laurent LeMaistre (Total), Nick Moldoveanu (WesternGeco), Roger Sollie (Statoil)

Non-Seismic Design Committee

Responsible for developing a strategy for collecting CSEM, MT, and gravity data over the SEAM model.


Michael Frenkel (EMGS)


David Alumbaugh (WesternGeco), Neda Bundalo (Marathon), Mike Hoversten (Chevron)

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SEAM Phase I Participants

SEAM Phase I Participants


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