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SEG Advanced Modeling Corporation

The SEG Advanced Modeling Program (SEAM) is a partnership between industry and SEG designed to advance geophysical science and technology through the construction of subsurface models and generation of synthetic data sets.

Phase I: Subsalt Imaging in Tertiary Basins

SEAM Phase I addressed challenges of subsalt imaging in tertiary basins, with emphasis on deepwater Gulf of Mexico. The project was a resounding success, yielding data sets and models that are now available to the public.

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Phase II: Land Seismic Challenges

SEAM Phase II addresses core challenge themes in land seismic including high density and areal extensive acquisition geometries, near surface complexities, and fractured reservoir characterization.

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SEAM Pressure Prediction and Hazard Avoidance

SEAM Pressure Prediction seeks to evaluate and advance current methodologies for pre-drill pressure and hazard prediction. Pressure Prediction will commence in late 2014 and is expected to last two to three years.

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Time Lapse Pilot

The Time Lapse Pilot project focused on understanding the evolution of pore pressure during production using time-lapse geophysical data and reservoir characterization.

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SEAM Life of Field

SEAM Life of Field data will be generated for complex geology, complete reservoir description, and seismic. Reservoir dynamics will then be simulated along with the resulting well and geophysical and geomechanical responses.

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SEAM models and data sets represent the cutting edge in simulated geophysical data, drawing from a consortia of industry leaders, and representing a range of geographies and subsurfaces context.

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