Time Lapse Pilot Data

The Time Lapse Pilot models 4D changes in pore pressure, saturation, and other reservoir changes during a plausible production scenario. It was a significant extension of the SEAM Pressure Prediction project, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy through NETL.

Order Time Lapse Pilot Data

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Order Time Lapse Pilot Data

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Product Number: TIME-LAPSE-PILOT
Data Size (GB): 8000
Compressed: Yes
List License Fee: $5,000*
Academic License Fee: $500*
Pressure Prediction or Life of Field Member Additional Copy Fee: $5,000*

* additional $200 for shipping outside U.S.

Time Lapse Pilot Sample and Documentation

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Package contents:

Free shots from the middle of the model

Before and after (reciprocal) shots located an OBN directly above the reservoir, shooting into an array (501 x 501 at 25 m spacing) located in the water column 257.5 m above the node.


Documentation describing the full contents of the dataset.

  • READ_ME_SEAM_TimeLapse_ReservoirSimulation.pdf

RPSEA Final Report

The final report on the project from the Research Program to Secure Energy for America (rpsea.gov).

TLE Article
Michael Oristaglio (2016). "SEAM Update – Integrated reservoir and geophysical modeling: SEAM Time Lapse and SEAM Life of Field." The Leading Edge, 35(10), 912–915.

Michael Oristaglio

Can modern numerical methods simulate changes in the geometry and physical properties of a reservoir over time — the changes in the rocks, pore fluids, and pressures that accompany reservoir flow and production — well enough to explain and predict the subtle effects that are seen in time-lapse geophysical surveys of real oil fields?

Time Lapse Pilot Presentation
Large-scale Numerical Simulation of Reservoir Monitoring – SEAM Time Lapse

Presentation on the Time Lapse Pilot project made at the EAGE Workshop on Practical Reservoir Monitoring (March 2017).

SEAM Time Lapse Pilot End User License Agreement

This sample agreement represents the form that must be completed by in order to obtain usage rights to the Time Lapse Pilot data.


Frequently asked questions concerning confidentiality, publishing, and sharing of data.

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