Processed Barrett Unconventional Model

SEAM Phase II: Land Seismic Challenges Processed Barrett Unconventional Model data set available for purchase.


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Thanks to Oxy Corporation, the 2018 processed version of the 200TB/36,000 shot record of the data set is now available for purchase. The model focuses on features of unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs, including the characterization of finely laminated and fractured shale reservoirs by their full seismic anisotropy.

VTI Kirchhoff Migration, 6.25 m CDP grid, 640 fold, and suitable for AVAz/VVAz analysis, the deliverables include:

  • the pre-processed premigration gathers,
  • the post migration gathers with and without residual move-out correction,
  • six azimuth limited near- and far-stacks,
  • and full-stack data volumes.

The data set is available in standard 3D orthogonal field layouts, as well as in carpet-style surveys. A special feature includes the simulation of the total model and near-surface responses separately to allow experiments testing noise removal and imaging algorithms at different levels of geologic noise.

Licenses are available for $10,000.

Contact [email protected] or [email protected] to place an order.

"These processed volumes have made the Barrett data more accessible and ready for analysis by reservoir characterization teams."

Klaas Koster, Chief Geophysicist, OXY

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