Research Data

Research data provides benchmarking tools for industry to test algorithms for imaging and inversion, better understand features and artifacts in real images, and explore trade-offs in acquisition methodologies. Research data also provides teaching tools for academia to train the next generation of seismic processing and imaging experts.

SEAM Licensed Data

SEAM models and data sets represent the cutting edge in simulated geophysical data, drawing from a consortium of industry leaders and representing a range of geographies.

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SEAM Open Data

A series of mostly 2D data sets from the SEAM Phase I and Time Lapse Pilot projects, available free of charge to the public to advance research and innovation in geophysics.

SEAM open data

Open Data on the SEG Wiki

The SEG Wiki provides links to over 30 open surveys, models, and datasets, including 2D and 3D land and marine seismic data, synthetic seismic data, gravity and magnetic data, topographic and bathymetric data, and more.

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Software and Algorithms

In 2004, the editors of the journal GEOPHYSICS decided to create a new section, "Geophysical software and algorithms''. Papers that appear in that section of the journal include source code, which will be available online at .

SEG Research Committee

The SEG Research Committee serves to improve communication among earth scientists interested in applied research, to advise the SEG Executive Committee on research matters, to identify research topics worthy of a focused workshop and to organize these workshops. The Committee meets twice a year. Much of the business of the Committee is conducted by email. Membership is open to all researchers.

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