SEG selects new Geophysics Editor-in-Chief

Shragge begins to assemble his editorial team.

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Tulsa, OK, 7 May 2019 – The SEG Board of Directors in January approved the appointment of Jeffrey Shragge as the next editor-in-chief of Geophysics, SEG’s flagship journal.

Shragge is an associate professor in the Geophysics Department at the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) and a co-leader of the Center for Wave Phenomena (CWP) research consortium. He has served SEG as a Geophysics associate editor (2009–13) and assistant editor (2013–19), as well as the chair of various SEG committees (Field Camps, Travel Grants, University and Student Programs).

Shragge received a BScH (physics) from Queen’s University, an MSc (geophysics) from the University of British Columbia, and a PhD (geophysics) from the Stanford Exploration Project at Stanford University. His research interests include 3D acoustic/elastic wave propagation, 3D/4D seismic imaging and velocity inversion, near-surface geophysics, and scientific high-performance computing.

Shragge’s term officially begins 1 January 2020, but he is assembling his editorial team to begin considering papers 1 August 2019 to be accepted for the January-February 2020 issue. Shragge follows Valentina Socco, associate professor of geophysics at Politecnico di Torino, who will complete her two-year term on 31 December 2019.

Jeffrey Shragge

Jeffrey Shragge

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