Society of Exploration Geophysicists releases High-resolution Seismic Exploration by Qing-Zhong Li

Translated and updated from the original Chinese

Tulsa, OK, 6 October 2017 - Capitalizing on knowledge learned over decades and combining underlying theory with practical cases, this book presents a systematic analysis of the issues involved in high-resolution seismic exploration. Translated from the original Chinese and updated to reflect contemporary developments, the book is adept at clarifying the objectives and approaches toward better precision in seismic prospecting. It provides innovative views on fundamental concepts including: perspective resolution and perspective S/N; the empirical relationship between compressional velocity (Vp) and absorption coefficient (Q); constructing basin absorption models; understanding sand layer tracking; improving dynamic and static corrections of near-surface effects as well as deconvolution; achieving maximum effective bandwidth of seismic data; and regressive seismic impedance inversion. It is an excellent reference for those involved in seismic prospecting research, data processing, and geologic interpretation, and it is recommended for geoscientists and engineers as well as professors and graduate students.

Volume editor Timothy Barker wrote: “This book provides a very good non-Western perspective on high-resolution seismic acquisition, processing, and interpretation. The opinions of the author are well grounded in the fundamentals of geophysics. It is a technically sound development of a method to achieve high-quality seismic data.”

Li was born on 10 October 1930 in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. He graduated from the Department of Physics at Tsinghua University in 1952 and has worked at the Sino-Soviet Petroleum Company, the Western Geophysical Company, Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting, and Ocean University of China. He once assumed the office of the deputy chief engineer of Petroleum Geophysical Exploration Bureau of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and has been an editor of Oil Geophysical Prospecting and Chinese Journal of Geophysics. He has served as a senior consultant of many oil fields including Daqing, Jilin, Shengli, Talimu, Xinjiang, Zhongyuan, Qinghai, and Yumen. He was selected as a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1995.

High-resolution Seismic Exploration can be purchased at SEG members pay US$49, nonmembers US$81. Also available as an e-book. SEG members save 45%.


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