SEG announces results of 2018-2019 Board of Directors election

Richard D. Miller selected as SEG President-elect

View the list of newly elected Board Members and District Representatives, complete with their bios, at the SEG Elections page

Tulsa, OK, 9 August 2018 – The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) today announced results of its 2018-2019 Board of Directors election. Richard D. Miller was selected by a vote of active SEG members to serve as President-elect. Following his one-year term as President-elect, Miller will assume the office of SEG President following SEG’s 2019 Annual Meeting, scheduled for 15-20 September in San Antonio, Texas.

Richard (Rick) Miller received a BA in physics from Benedictine College, an MS in physics (emphasis geophysics) from University of Kansas (KU), and PhD in geophysics from University of Leoben, Austria. Since 1983 he has been at the Kansas Geological Survey, a research and service division of KU, where he is senior scientist and courtesy associate professor of geology. His scientific interests focus on applying shallow-seismic methods to a wide assortment of problems from energy to engineering to the environment.

SEG is Miller’s professional home and has recognized his contributions advancing the science and serving the profession with the inaugural SEG Near Surface Harold Mooney Award (1995), SEG Distinguished Achievement Award (2002) to Miller’s research group, and Life Membership Award (2014). His service to SEG includes terms as Second Vice President (2011–12), First Vice President (2012–13), Treasurer and Chairman, Board of SEG Global Inc. (2014–18), and Representative to SEG Council nine times since 1989. An SEG member since 1984, Miller has served on several boards, most notably The Leading Edge (TLE) Editorial Board (chair, 2009), a half dozen committees, and task force appointments (Inter-Society, Near Surface, IDC, and China). He served SEG twice as Technical Program Co-chair for the ICEG (2015, 2017) in UAE, four times a workshop convener, and three times continuing education instructor. In 2012 he was selected Inaugural Near-Surface Honorary Lecturer.

Miller was guest editor on 17 TLE special sections and an author on 33 TLE articles. He has edited or co-edited two SEG books and been author on more than 135 Annual Meeting expanded abstracts, 113 refereed articles (24 in GEOPHYSICS, 2 in Interpretation), and eight SEG book chapters.

“For more than 85 years, SEG has been a leader and more importantly instrumental in globally advancing the science of exploration geophysics. With SEG’s 2003 global membership milestone (majority of members living outside the United States) has come a sharpened vision and challenge to connect the world of applied geophysics. Woven into SEG’s institutional fabric and essential to its mission is understanding and meeting member needs across the globe,” said Rick Miller.

“SEG’s future is bright as the home society for a diverse set of applied geophysics professionals, advancing traditional applications and pioneering emerging and exciting focus areas.

Presidential goals must be obtainable and sustainable. My focus:

  • Publications, number one member benefit—continue enhancing publication products
  • Annual meeting is our super bowl/world cup and attended by more nonmembers than members—increase attendance and flip that ratio
  • Partnerships with sister societies have benefited SEG—strengthen and grow relationships that make sense for SEG members
  • SEG’s regional offices are unique resources—increase reach of offices consistent with mission, member needs, and economics.

As a member-driven society, meeting the needs and expectations of the members is the principal measure of success. SEG’s president must be engaged with and counseled by the members.”

Also elected to the 2018-2019 SEG Board of Directors were Manika Prasad as Second Vice President, Dan Ebrom as Treasurer, and David E. Lumley and Maria Angela Capello as Directors at Large.

The following SEG members have been elected to serve as District Representatives: Connie J. VanSchuyver, District 1, Tracy J. Stark, District 2; Stuart Wright, District 3; Debra Phillips, District 4; Rachel Newrick, District 5; Ana Curcio, District 6; Anton Bogrash, District 7; Sandra Tegtmeier-Last; District 8; Tariq A. Alkhalifah, District 10; and Yonghyun Chung, District 11.

Completing the Board of Directors for 2018–2019: Robert Stewart, the current President-elect who will become President; Alexander Mihai Popovici, the current Second Vice President who will become First Vice President; Nancy House, the current SEG President who will become the Past-President; Sergey Fomel, who will serve a second year as Vice President, Publications; Paul Cunningham, Ruben Martinez, Bob Brook, and Ken Tubman who will return as Directors at Large; and Gustavo Carstens, who was recently elected Chair of the SEG Council. The new Board will assume leadership of the Society after the conclusion of SEG’s 2018 Annual Meeting, which takes place 14-19 October in Anaheim.


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