The SEG Wiki exceeds 100,000 lifetime edits

Active community editing is the single greatest indicator of a healthy, sustainable wiki

Tulsa, OK, 4 April 2018 – On the evening of 20 March 2018, Kamil Madey, using the Visual Editor tool, contributed information about other array spacings to the electric resistivity methods article. Madey’s addition was the SEG Wiki’s 100,000th lifetime edit.

Madey, a student at the University of Houston, one of the class participants from Dr. Heather Bedle’s undergraduate seismic interpretation class, said, “I chose electric resistivity methods because I felt it was a broad topic with multiple applications in industry. I knew a little bit about the topic already from previous classes but what was pretty cool was that the section I edited…about other array spacings was new to me and something I learned while creating the page.”

The partnership between Bedle and her students and the SEG Wiki begin in 2017 to develop geophysics-related content for the geoscience community.

“I got involved because I was looking for a way to volunteer within SEG,” Bedle said. “Plus, working on expanding the SEG Wiki is important to me as an educator. I find that most students take a good deal of pride in this project, and show their friends what they have created. Interestingly, I have found that this is also many students’ first attempt at creating a Web page, so I am glad that they are also picking up a few technology skills that may help them in the future.”

“The geoscience community as a whole should celebrate this milestone, not because the number is impressive, which it is, but because these 100,000 lifetime edits from thousands of students and geoscience professionals is the single greatest indicator of a shared, healthy, community-driven effort,”  said Isaac Farley, SEG Digital Publications Manager.  “Thank you to Kamil, Heather, and all the other geoscientists who have lent their knowledge and expertise to the thousands of open geoscience articles within the wiki.”

Bedle added, “I am excited to have my student reach the milestone of the 100,000th edit, and I am glad to be part of such a tremendous effort in the geophysics community. As long as there are still topics to write about, I plan on letting my students continue creating new Wiki pages for years to come!”

About the SEG Wiki

The SEG Wiki, launched in February 2012, is an open, online encyclopedia that aims to expand the world’s knowledge of applied geophysics, chronicle the advances in the science, and engage emerging and established professionals. Generous gifts from sustaining investors Apache, Shell, and IHS Markit have made the above accomplishments possible. For more information, including details on lending your knowledge and expertise to this project, email [email protected].


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