Kurt Marfurt to return as SEG 2018 Distinguished Instructor

Previously served as SEG/EAGE DISC instructor in 2006

Tulsa, OK, 8 May 2017 – The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) is pleased to announce that Kurt Marfurt has been elected once again as the instructor for the Distinguished Instructor Short Course (DISC). Marfurt was previously the 2006 SEG/EAGE DISC instructor on Seismic Attribute Mapping of Structure and Stratigraphy. The 2018 DISC titled Seismic Attributes as the Framework for Data Integration throughout the Oilfield Life Cycle, will cover the physical properties measured by seismic attributes, post migration data conditioning and image processing, the exploration stage of the oil field life cycle (no wells), the development stage of the oil field life cycle (1-10 wells), the maturity and death stage of the oil field life cycle (10-100s of wells), the rebirth stage of the oil field life cycle – the resource play (10-1000s of wells), and a profile of the future interpreter.

Kurt J. Marfurt joined The University of Oklahoma in 2007 where he serves as the Frank and Henrietta Schultz Professor of Geophysics within the ConocoPhillips School of Geology and Geophysics. Marfurt’s primary research interest is in the development and calibration of new seismic attributes to aid in seismic processing, seismic interpretation, and reservoir characterization. Recent work has focused on applying coherence, spectral decomposition, structure-oriented filtering, and volumetric curvature to mapping fractures and karst with a particular focus on resource plays. Marfurt earned a Ph.D. in applied geophysics at Columbia University’s Henry Krumb School of Mines in New York in 1978 where he also taught as an Assistant Professor for four years. He worked 18 years in a wide range of research projects at Amoco’s Tulsa Research Center after which he joined the University of Houston for 8 years as a Professor of Geophysics and the Director of the Allied Geophysics Lab. He has received the SEG best paper (for coherence), SEG best presentation (for seismic modeling), as a coauthor with Satinder Chopra best SEG poster (one on curvature, one on principal component analysis) and best AAPG technical presentation, and as a coauthor with Roderick Perez Altimar, SEG/AAPG Interpretation best paper (on brittleness) awards. Marfurt also served as the EAGE/SEG Distinguished Short Course Instructor for 2006 (on seismic attributes). In addition to teaching and research duties at OU, Marfurt leads short courses on attributes for the SEG and AAPG, and currently serves as Editor in Chief of the AAPG/SEG Journal, Interpretation.


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