Roles SEG Sections/Associated Societies on SEG Council

Each SEG Section/Associated Society is entitled to at least one representative on the SEG Council; larger Sections/Associated Societies are entitled to more representatives as the size increases. The Council is the governing body of the Society and meets once each year during the Annual Meeting. The Council is composed of the current Executive Committee, Officers-Elect, Section/Associated Society Representatives and District Representatives, who represent all SEG members who are not members of Sections/Associated Societies. In numbers, Section/Associated Society Representatives dominate the Council. As a group, they have the greatest potential to establish Society policy and procedures.

Calculation and Designation of Section Representatives

The Business Office requests an annual membership count from each Section. This count is requested by May of each year for calculation before the Annual Meeting. The Section/Associated Society's Executive Committee might check the latest Society membership list or request a list from the Business Office of members in their area to determine the grades of SEG membership of its own members. The Section/Associated Society is encouraged to base this count on the membership at the end of the Section/Associated Society's dues year in order to reflect the largest number of members. A Sections/Associated Society's representation on the Council is determined by the number of Active Members of the Society in good standing who are on the membership rolls of the Section/Associated Society.

According to the SEG Bylaws Article VII, Section 3, each Section shall have one Section Representative when the Section has had at least 20 members within the past 2 years and not more than 75 Active members in good standing. When the Section has more than 75 Active Members in good standing and not more than 325, the Section will have one additional representative for each additional 250 Active members.

The SEG Bylaws Article VII, Section 3 state the term of office of a Section Representative shall be three years. A Section Representative must be a member of the Section and be an Active Member of the Society in good standing. In the event a Section Representative is unable to attend a Council Meeting, the Section many nominate an alternative, who is an Active Member in good standing, who will be seated with voting privileges, if the Secretary of the SEG has been notified in writing.

The term of office of a Section Representative begins at the Council Meeting held at the Annual Meeting and ends after the three year term is complete. After the annual Section/Associated Society survey is complete, with each Section/Associated Society providing membership counts, the Section Representatives will be determined for the upcoming Council year. The roster of Council members is published on the Council page of each issue of Geophysics.

If a Section fails to notify the Business Office of its membership count at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting, that Section shall be entitled to only one vote during the Council Meeting.

The duties of a Section Representative as a member of the SEG Council are described in other pages of the SEG Procedures Manual.


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