Responsibilities of SEG Sections/Associated Societies

By accepting to become a Section/Associated Society, certain responsibilities are expected:

  • To submit annual membership counts for Council Section Representation
  • To provide SEG with copies of its technical newsletter(s) or journal(s)
  • To provide SEG with the contact information when new officers are elected
  • To return the annual Section/Associated Society survey
  • To notify SEG of any changes to its bylaws
  • To encourage its members to join SEG and SEG will encourage its members to join their local SEG Section/Associated Society
  • To encourage its members to publish their work in SEG publications and to present such work at SEG events

See below for a more detailed explanation of these responsibilities.

Representation on the Council

As authorized in SEG Bylaws Article IX., Section 6., the Business Office requests an annual membership count from each Section/Associated Society. The Section/Associated Society should count its members in good standing just prior to the date of the renewal of annual Section/Associated Society dues in order to reflect the largest number of members. In the event a Section/Associated Society does not provide its membership count to the Business Office at least thirty days prior to the Annual Meeting, no more than one of the Section Representatives from that Section/Associated Society shall have the privilege of voting at the meeting of the Council. A Section's representation on the Council is determined by the number of Active Members of the Society in good standing who are on the membership rolls of the Section.

Communications with SEG Business Office

The Business Office should be placed on the mailing lists (newsletter, journal, or regular mail) of all Sections/Associated Societies to receive notices of meetings and activities. The Business Office should be sent the names and addresses of Section/Associated Society Officers following an election and should be kept abreast of changes to the Section/Associated Society's bylaws. The Section/Associated Society shall fill out and return the Annual Section/Associated Society survey to provide membership numbers for Council Section Representation calculations and feedback on SEG activities.

Changes to Section Bylaws

The SEG Bylaws state that the bylaws of a Section shall be consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Society. To assure that any changes that are proposed to the original Section bylaws, as authorized by the SEG Council, are not in conflict with the SEG Constitution and Bylaws, such proposed changes shall be submitted to the Business Office for review by the SEG Constitution and Bylaws Committee before being incorporated into a Section's bylaws.

Encourage SEG and Section/Associated Society Membership

Sections/Associated Societies shall encourage its members to join SEG. SEG will encourage its members to join their local SEG Section/Associated Society.


Sections/Associated Societies shall encourage its members to publish their work in SEG publications and to present such work at SEG events.


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