Benefits of SEG Sections/Associated Societies

Benefits currently provided to SEG Sections/Associated Societies include:

See below for a more detailed explanation of these benefits.

1. Representation on the Council
Affiliation with SEG gives a Section/Associated Society formal representation on the SEG Council, which is the SEG's governing board.  The Council oversees and affirms the actions of the SEG Executive Committee, and votes on all substantive matters related to SEG policies, membership requirements, annual dues, and changes to the SEG Constitution and Bylaws.  The Council typically meets once a year, in conjunction with SEG's Annual Meeting. The Council is composed of the current Executive Committee, Officers-Elect, Section/Associated Society Representatives and District Representatives (who represent all SEG members who are not members of Sections/Associated Societies). In numbers, Section/Associated Society Representatives dominate the Council. As a group, they have the greatest potential to establish Society policy and procedures.

2. Professional Development Programs
Continuing Education Courses: Cities large enough to support an SEG Section/Associated Society are logical sites for holding continuing education courses designed for geophysicists. Such courses are held in coordination with the Section/Associated Society.

DISC (Distinguished Instructor Short Course): SEG annually selects an eminent geophysicist and recognized speaker as the SEG's Distinguished Instructor.  This individual prepares a one day course on a significant emerging topic in geophysics to be given at approximately twenty locations worldwide.  While the venues for these presentations are generally limited to locations with large concentrations of SEG members, the SEG attempts to obtain the rights for royalty-free reproduction of the course notes so that SEG Sections and Associated Societies can present the course using local geophysicists to lead discussions.

Distinguished Lecturers: SEG annually selects two eminent geophysicists to serve as SEG Distinguished Lecturers. The Distinguished Lecturers travel worldwide to deliver an insightful one hour technical talk that reviews some aspect of current technology or highlights a specific scientific advancement of general interest to geophysicists. Distinguished lecturer topics tend to be more general to appeal to a worldwide audience.

Honorary Lecturers: SEG annually selects six eminent geophysicists to serve as SEG Honorary Lecturers. The Honorary Lecturers travel regionally to deliver an insightful one hour technical talk that reviews some aspect of current technology or highlights a specific scientific advancement of general interest to geophysicists in that specific region of the world. Honorary lecturer topics tend to be more regionally focused to appeal to the audience in that region.

Sections/Associated Societies may request that the Distinguished and Honorary Lecturers deliver these talks to the Section/Associated Society membership, and every effort is made to have the Lecturers visit the Sections/Associated Societies.  In addition, digital presentations of the lecturers are available to members on the SEG website.

3. Assistance with Section/Associated Society Programs
Sections/Associated Societies are provided with a list of the best papers presented at SEG Annual Meetings so the Sections/Associated Societies, at their option, can invite authors to present their papers at local Section /Associated Society meetings. This can be a great resource in finding speakers to give technical talks to the Section/Associated Society membership.

4. Publications
A Section/Associated Society has the right to request permission to reproduce SEG publications and disseminate the reproductions to Section/Associated Society members. SEG will work with a Section/Associated Society and with the author of the publication to determine if permission can be granted on a basis mutually agreeable to all parties.
A Section/Associated Society has the right to translate and disseminate SEG publications for the benefit of its non-English speaking members on a basis mutually agreeable to the Section/Associated Society, SEG, and the author of the publication.

5. Annual Meeting Booth Discount
As a non-profit, an SEG Section/Associated Society qualifies for a reduced rate on booth space at the SEG Annual Meeting & Exposition.

6. Committee Membership
Chairmen of some of the SEG standing committees depend on Sections/Associated Societies to recommend and to provide members who will serve on these committees. Such committee members, who through their Section/Associated Society activities have indicated their interest in Society affairs, have often been chosen to chair the committees.

7. SEG President Request
The President of SEG annually prepares a presidential address.  Sections/Associated Societies may request that the President deliver the address to the Section/Associated Society membership and visit locally with the Section/Associated Society to discuss items of mutual technical and professional interest.

8. Listing on SEG Section/Associated Society Web pages
SEG Sections/Associated Societies are listed on SEG's website.

9. Opportunities with Student Chapters
When a new SEG Student Chapter is formed and is in close proximity to an SEG Professional Section/Associated Society, SEG will work at connecting the student chapter with the professional local society for opportunities in mentoring, communication, and collaboration with student members. Joint activities are encouraged to develop the educational opportunities of student members and mentorship opportunities of Section/Associated Society members.

10. Joint Conferences, Workshops, and Forums in Partnership with SEG
SEG Sections/Associated Societies may request the opportunity to work closely in partnership with SEG to host and put on joint conferences, workshops, and forums.


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