Daniel Locci Lopez
Near Surface Research Award Winner 2020


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Daniel Locci Lopez

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Geophysics with a minor in mathematics at the University of Houston in 2014. After my graduation, I accepted a job offer to work with Lumina Geophysical, where I worked doing seismic and well log analysis. After two years in the Oil and Gas industry, I decided to pursue my Master of Sciences degree at the University of Louisiana Lafayette in 2016. At ULL I achieved a GPA of 4.0 throughout my studies and worked on a new method of spectral decomposition for delineating thin layers in noisy carbonate areas. During the last year of my Master’s degree, I worked part -time for Aquila Earth Sciences doing geophysical exploration. Later, I decided to continue furthering my education in the field and moved onto Louisiana State University where I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Geophysics. My current research at LSU aims to characterize modern point bar systems to evaluate seepage flow under a levee in the Lower Mississippi River Valley.

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