Patrick Duff
Near Surface Research Award Winner 2019


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Patrick Duff

I am a fifth year Ph.D. student studying geology at the University of South Carolina, and specializing in the evolution of rifted continental margins. In pursuing my studies, I emphasize the integration of geological and geophysical data sets across spatial scales, as well as a balance between purely scientific and applied aspects. For example, I use geologic field mapping and potential field and seismic data sets to study how tectonic inheritance can drive rifted margin segmentation over 100s of kilometers, as well as using vibracores and GRP to study how the interplay of auto- and allogenic sedimentary processescontrol facies heterogeneity in a single modern barrier island or strand-plain deposit. I am interested in patterns of rift-related mafic magmatism, but also in evaluating how mafic igneous rock bodies might serve as a reservoir for CO2 sequestration. I am also a strong believer in collaborative, multi-disciplinary research, and in inspiring a new diverse generation of earth scientists. When I am not working, I enjoy playing soccer and tennis, as well as vegetable gardening and cooking.

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