Alexander Yablokov
Near Surface Research Award Winner 2018


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I graduated from Geology and Geophysics Department of Novosibirsk State University with a degree of bachelor in geophysics in 2015, then I got Master’s degree in the same specialty in 2017. Now I'm a post graduate student of NSU and I'm working at the Research Institute.

I conduct research in several areas of geophysics. The main direction for us is the implementation and development of algorithms in the methods of processing seismic data. Qualification and experience are sufficient for us to conduct the processing and interpretation of exploration and engineering seismic data. Also, I have advanced skills in numerical modelling of seismic waves, programming, seismic data processing, inversion algorithms and I have some field seismic surveys experience. My study is connected with near surface seismic exploration for some geotechnical and engineering applications. My research focuses on developing algorithms for automatic processing of surface wave data. We are focused on joint usage of Raleigh and Love waves inversion algorithm and combine it with first arrival inversion techniques such as classical plus-minus method and seismic tomography method. We are working on implementation of MASW in lateral heterogeneous medium.  Just now, I am studying advanced spectrum analysis of surface waves. During the research, I often help others with synthetic seismograms modelling by finite difference solvers. At the same time, other colleagues provide me with field data.

Saying about my extracurricular activity, it is directly relates to SEG goals. I consider my major achievement to be a significant contribution to the organization and performance of the international geophysical field camp in Republic Altai, in August 2015. The aim of the Camp was to study various unique archaeological sites. I had to solve not only general organizational issues, but also participate in cooperation between individual research groups (consisting of students-participants). In the end of 2015, I become the Vice-President of the SEG Student Chapter of NSU. Presently, I am responsible for the project of popularizing geological sciences among schoolchildren.

I am the third winner of the local International Scientific Student Conference. In 2016, I won a travel grant from the NSU to deliver an oral report at the EAGE Conference in Anapa, Russia. However, my scientific career is not long (about 3 years), I am the author of 22 publications.

Yablokov Alexander




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