SEG Near Surface Technical Section Honors and Awards

The SEG Near Surface Geophysics section has committed to honoring the great men and women who have made contributions to the discipline of near-surface geophysics. Honors and Awards are based on nominations received for each current year. Nominations are open each year from 1 January to no later than 10 March.

Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award

The Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award is jointly presented by the SEG Near Surface Technical Section and the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS) ( ). The inaugural award was presented to Susan Pullan in 2005 at the EEGS annual meeting, the Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP). The award alternates (on an approximately 18-month interval) between the SAGEEP meeting and the SEG Near Surface Reception and dinner at the SEG annual meeting.

The Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award is established to recognize an individual who shows extraordinary leadership in advancing the cause of near-surface geophysics through long-term, tireless, and enthusiastic support of the near-surface geophysics community. Such leadership is often boldly displayed by an invention, a new methodology or technique, a theoretical or conceptual advancement, or a unique innovation that transforms the nature and capabilities of near-surface geophysics.

Prior to 2005, the SEG Near Surface Technical Section presented its own Frank Frischknecht Award in recognition of long-term, tireless and enthusiastic support of the near-surface geophysics community.

Joint EEGS/SEG Near Surface Technical Section Frischknecht Award Recipients

2017 Klaus Holliger
2016 Esben Auken
2014 Motoyuki Sato
2012 Andrew Binley
2011 Ken Zonge (at SAGEEP)
2010 Not awarded
2009 Susan Hubbard
2008 Ken Stokoe II (at SAGEEP)
2007 Not awarded
2006 Bob Corwin
2005 Susan Pullan (at SAGEEP)

NSG Section Frischknecht Award Recipients

2004 Rob Huggins
2003 Roger Young
2002 Rosemary Knight
2001 Dwain Butler
2000 No record
1999 Pete Haeni
1998 Pieter Hoekstra
1997 Bill Jones
1996 Don Steeples
1995 Bob Ballard

EEGS Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award Recipients

2004 Peter Annan
2002 Duncan McNeill

Harold Mooney Award

The Harold Mooney Award is presented by the SEG Near Surface Technical Section during its reception and dinner at the SEG annual meeting. The honoree is chosen by his or her peers through nominations from the membership and recommendation to the SEG Near Surface Executive Committee.

The SEG Near Surface Harold Mooney Award was originally presented in recognition of scientific and technical excellence and innovation leading to the advancement of near-surface geophysics. Starting in 2005, the award definition was expanded and is now presented to an individual in recognition of long-term, tireless, and enthusiastic support of the near-surface geophysics community through education, outreach efforts, professional service, or development of opportunities with other professional disciplines that employ geophysics.

Learn about the most recent recipient of the Harold Mooney Award

Mooney Award Recipients

2017 Bruce Smith
2016 Susan Hubbard
2015 Koya Suto
2014 Jan van der Kruk
2013 Lee Slater
2012 Klaus Holliger
2011 Jon Nyquist
2010 John Bradford
2009 Louise Pellerin
2008 Jianghai Xia
2007 Deborah Underwood
2006 Bill Doll
2005* Phillip Romig, Jr.

2004 Ken Stokoe
2003 Jim Hunter
2002 Mats Lagmanson
2001 Charles Stoyer
2000 No record
1999 Gary Olhoeft
1998 Doug Crice
1997 Duncan MacNeill
1996 Peter Annan
1995 Rick Miller

*Award definition revised this year.

Honorary Life Memberships

Honorary Life Memberships are presented by the SEG Near Surface Technical Section during its annual meeting. Honorary Life Memberships may be extended to any member, who has active status; who has made a distinguished contribution deserving of exceptional recognition, to exploration geophysics, a related field, or to the advancement of the profession of exploration geophysics through service to the SEG; and who has voluntarily rendered exceptionally meritorious service to the SEG Near Surface Technical Section.

SEG Near Surface Honorary Life Membership Recipients

2012 Rosemary Knight
2010 Peter Annan
2008 Don Steeples

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