Welcome to SEG, the international society of applied geophysicists!

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists is a not-for-profit Individual membership organization that promotes the science of applied geophysics and the education of geophysicists.

Founded in 1930, it is one of the premier membership organizations in the world dedicated to the scientific exploration for and development of natural resources.

Today’s 27,000+ members reside in more than 138 countries and work in resource exploration & development, environmental and engineering applications, government agencies, and academia. Although SEG was founded in the United States and maintains its headquarters office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, SEG is a truly international organization. In recent years, the number of members who live and/or work outside the United States has exceeded 60% of the total. In 2008, SEG opened its first office outside the United States in Beijing, China and shortly thereafter in Dubai, UAE.

The objective of the Society is to promote the science of exploration geophysics and the primary avenues for this “technology transfer” are an extensive publications effort, professional meetings around the world, and professional development/continuing education. The day-to-day implementation of the various programs is the primary function of SEG’s Tulsa business office staff in the following departments:

Executive Office

Executive Office provides support to the executive office and the Society’s Board of Directors. Human Resources is responsible for managing all HR functions of the Society.


Building Operations include building maintenance and property management of the SEG headquarters building and grounds and real estate holdings within two buildings on the SEG campus. Information Systems and Technology handles SEG’s electronic infrastructure, both internally and with the membership at large, and includes application development, systems administration and maintaining SEG’s Web pages (www.seg.org). Marketing and Communications is responsible for marketing and graphic arts support to all departments. Member Services manages the membership database and provides customer support to ensure that member benefits are provided under the terms of their membership. Global Business Development identifies, develops and supports global initiatives, including SEG business opportunities and areas for expansion.


SEG Finance and Accounting is responsible for financial and fiscal management aspects of Society's operations including administrative, business planning, accounting, and budgeting efforts of the organization and its subsidiaries in order to assure compliance with all pertinent regulations and laws within and outside the US. The SEG Foundation is the fundraising arm of SEG and SEAM includes all activities of SEG Advanced Modeling (SEAM) Corporation.

SEG Programs

Global Events Operations helps members and geoscientists stay on top of the changing technology by sponsoring many meetings around the world, often with meetings on five continents. Professional Development is responsible for the logistics for SEG’s renowned instructors that teach courses of broad relevance worldwide. Publications disseminates information about geophysical research and applications in three journals: Geophysics, The Leading Edge (TLE) and Interpretations. SEG also publishes a wide range of books, CDs, DVDs and videos in several series and available through the SEG Book Mart.  Student and Early Careers provides programs that support geoscience students with the resources and tools they need for a successful academic and professional career.


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