Mediterranean Gas Exploration Symposium

8–10 May 2023 | Al Alamein, Egypt


8–10 May 2023
Al Alamein, Egypt

It has been a long journey since the first offshore gas discovery in Abu Qir in 1969. Many other small, medium, and giant discoveries followed. It took many years and different technologies that utilized lots of investments to find those giant discoveries ended by ZOHR.

Based on regional studies and basin analysis conducted by USGS and major companies indicated that the yet-to-find(YTF) number in the East Mediterranean is huge (about 224 TCF gas and 1.8 billion bbl oil).

Moving from shallow water shallow stratigraphy to deep and ultradeep water and deep stratigraphy requires investments for innovative solutions. Solutions’ design driven by technology is the key in this very challenging environment where the geological history is complex with multiple phases of basin formation, which has resulted in a rich petroleum system from Paleozoic through the Pliocene. Several exploration successes have been yielded using advanced work flows and technologies available at that time. Lessons learned from such successes will help understand the challenges for each basin and design, the right integrated solutions, and technologies required to add more exploration successes.

Where is the next Zohr?

To answer this question - SEG and its partners are hosting this symposium as a platform to present, discuss, and challenge ideas, innovations, and case studies to take us one step closer to the next discovery. Innovation is the magic key to unlock all YTF resources and to better develop it in an economic and timely manner.

Our vision is to create dialogue with government leaders and to create an event focused on technology advancements through innovations and technical collaboration for the purpose of gas discoveries to be presented by oil companies, service providers, and academia. Each edition will be hosted in a different North Africa and Mediterranean country.

Technical Committee

Committee Co-Chair: Maurice Nessim, SEG
Committee Co-Chair: Samir Raslan, EGAS
Committee Co-Chair: Sameh Sabry, Wintershall DEA
Committee Co-Chair: Samir Abdelmoaty, United Oil & Gas

  • Abd Elhamid Gewaily, EGAS
  • Abu bakr Ibrahim, IPR Energy Group
  • Adel Ramadan Moustafa, Ainshams University
  • Ahmad Saleh, Shell
  • Ahmed Abdel-Aal, IPR Energy Group
  • Ahmed Abdelhadey, Wintershell DEA
  • Ahmed El-Barkooky, Cairo University
  • Ahmed Salah    
  • Amgad I. Younes, Rashpetco / Shell
  • Andrea Chiarabelli, IEOC
  • Andrew McCarthy, CGG
  • Ayman Shabrawi, Schlumberger
  • Brian S. Cabote, Chevron
  • Francois Ribot, TotalEnergies
  • Hesham Hendy, BP
  • Ivan Almeida, Exxon
  • Lizbeth Guijarro, Woodside
  • Mahfouz Eboni, Energean
  • Mahmoud El Attar, Schlumberger
  • Mahmoud Khattab, EGAS
  • Maxim Mikhaltsev, Schlumberger
  • Mervat Malati, Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS)
  • Mohamed El-Sheik, IPR Energy Group
  • Mohamed Hussein, Wataniya
  • Peter Wijnen, Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS)
  • Ramy Eid, Rashpetco

Organizing Committee

  • Anastasia Poole, Schlumberger
  • Andrea Chiarabelli, IEOC
  • Hesham Hendy, BP
  • Mohamed Radwan, Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources
  • Samir Abdelmoaty, United Oil & Gas
  • Samir Raslan, EGAS


Anneke de Klerk
SEG Middle East
Telephone: +97143712710
Email: [email protected]


Who Should Attend?

The symposium will be of interest to regional and international geoscientists, engineers, experts, decision makers, and investors interested in understanding the exploration potential of the Mediterranean. It will provide insights into the complex geological setting of the Mediterranean through various well designed sessions including rift processes; structural and stratigraphic framework, petroleum system modeling; geophysical data acquisition, processing and interpretation; innovative technologies, including machine learning; and data science as well as deep water drilling.

Event Format

This symposium will serve as a meeting hub to feature industry influencers, technical experts, and stakeholders to meet, engage, and share advancements in their region.

The technical program will have sessions focused on learnings, challenges, and case studies on innovation and new discoveries, including success stories from Latin American on sub-salt exploration and technologies.

Call for Abstracts

The technical program will include dedicated keynote speeches by government leaders, heads of exploration and the sector’s key stakeholders to discuss advancements in the Mediterranean on a government setting. This will set the stage for technical experts looking to contribute their learnings.

The papers should focus on the technical challenge of the Mediterranean starting from acquisition parameters and specifications including advanced technologies used to solve the processing and velocity improvement for seismic. The symposium will also discuss the risk behind the petroleum system from source rock charging mechanism and seal integrity.

 We invite abstracts on the below topics

  1. Basin fundamentals
    • Geological evolution from Tethys to Mediterranean
    • Crustal domains: Implications on thermal history and basin modeling
    • Regional tectonostratgraphic framework
  2. Exploration fundamentals
    • Petroleum systems and exploration plays: proven and potential
    • Unconventional plays: hydrates, tight gas, biogenic gas plays, etc.
    • Case studies and analogues
    • Shallow hazards and pore pressure prediction
    • Egypt as East Mediterranean gas hub and infrastructure-led exploration
  3. Technology, challenges and solutions 
    • New seismic acquisition technologies
    • New seismic processing technologies
    • Reservoir geophysics
    • New technology for subsalt exploration
    • Integration of non-seismic and seismic data
    • Digitalization, data analytics and AI
    • Ultra HPHT/20 K technologies
  4. Net- zero exploration
    • Carbon capture as enablers to brown field development
    • Next generation of carbon-conscious exploration

Sponsorship Opportunities

To maximize exposure and visibility for our partners, we offer an array of unique sponsorship opportunities designed to suit a range of budgets with specific target audiences for optimum return on investment. For a list of sponsorship opportunities, and benefits, please contact us at [email protected].

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Important Documents

Important Dates

Early Bird Registration ends:
6 April 2023

Call for Abstracts closed:
23 January 2023

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