SEG | EAGE Workshop: Geophysical Aspects of Smart Cities

10–12 December 2019 | Singapore


10–12 December 2019

Cities around the world, and especially in Asia like Singapore, strive to transform urban work and life, utilizing the ongoing digital revolution. Challenges to embrace the digital transformation, however, are significant. With limited land, innovations are required continuously to improve the urban living environment for a safer, more sustainable, and more livable condition. The limited space also challenges the urban transportation designers to provide more efficient, more reliable, and enhanced solutions. In both domains, geophysics has the ability to provide essential knowledge at the planning stage, real-time performance monitoring, and life cycle management. Bridging the gap between geophysics, civil engineering, and digital informatics provides the framework to guide project owners and local authorities to develop specific strategies for building a Smart City/Smart Nation.

The goal of this workshop is to influence the smart city practice in the already-built cities in Asia such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei, Beijing, and around the world. The main aim of the workshop is to demonstrate and discuss lessons learned and progress in geophysical techniques in smart city applications and methods, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary efforts with civil engineering and digital technologies. Hardware sensor development, software data analytics, and social impacts of technologies will be covered.

Technical Committee

Committee Chair:
Yunyue Elita Li, National University of Singapore

  • Agachai Sumalee, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Arthur Cheng, National University of Singapore
  • Bin Shi, Nanjing, University
  • Charles Im, Arup Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Chi Zhang, University of Kansas
  • Chih-Ping Lin, National Chiao Tung University
  • Darren, Siau Chen, Chian National University of Singapore
  • Goh Kok Hun, Land and Transportation Authority of Singapore
  • Hiromasa Shima, OYO Corporation – Japan
  • Joongmoo Byun, Hanyang University
  • Paolo Mazzucchelli, ARESYS, Advanced Remote Sensing Systems
  • Taeseo Ku, National University of Singapore
  • Thomas Dickmann, Amberg Technologies AG
  • Yu Wang, Alibaba Cloud


Registration opens 15 July 2019

Special Panel Discussion Topic

“Bridging the gap between geophysics and civil engineering”

Who Should Attend?

Policy makers, geoscientists, civil engineers, data scientists, and other relevant disciplines from industry and academia.

Call for Abstracts

Abstract Technical Topics

We invite abstracts for the following topics:

  • Mapping and monitoring for underground natural and man-made structures 
  • In-tunnel geophysical mapping and monitoring
  • Urban geohazard monitoring and early warning
  • Traffic monitoring and optimization by geophysical techniques
  • Geophysical inspection and monitoring of urban structures for health assessment and life cycle management
  • Non-destructive pipeline inspection
  • Urban solutions enabled by machine learning and big data
  • Practical application and lessons learned from case studies

Abstract Format
Maximum 2-page abstract including 1 figure (optional), single column
Abstracts should include sufficient detail of minimum 1 page text for the committee to judge the quality of the paper. Abstracts should be on 8.5x11 inch paper, text in Roman font, and include both text and figures (optional). Title should a maximum of two-lines at the top of the page, in bold font, and size 12 point. Authors should be listed in Roman italic font, size 10 point, and located just below the title. All text must stay 1 inch clear of the margins of the page. Submissions should be in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Call for Abstracts submission deadline: 5 August 2019

Please e-mail or fax to +971 4 372 4204.

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Important Documents

Important Dates

Call for Abstracts deadline:
5 August 2019

Registration opens:
15 July 2019

Early Bird Registration deadline:
9 November 2019

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