Request Event Support from SEG

Are you interested in SEG sponsoring or publicizing your meeting or event? SEG has established guidelines to assist you in obtaining support for meetings and conferences.

SEG's mission statement is "Connecting, Inspiring and Propelling the People and Science of Geophysics." One way the SEG accomplishes this mission by organizing and supporting events such as workshops, forums, conferences and symposiums.

To formally propose a meeting, workshop, forum, or request support for an event, the chair must fill out an Event Support Request Form (PDF) and submit it to the SEG Business Office. Please consult the SEG Levels of Support for International Conferences/Expositions (PDF) to determine the level of support you want to request on the form. SEG Operated Event requests must be accompanied by a proposed event budget (PDF) prior to the SEG Meetings Review and Planning Committee (MRPC), for provisional approval. 

Event Support Request Process

  • Organizing Group or Committee fills out and submits the meeting request form to the SEG Business Office by the first business day of the month.
  • The Meetings Review and Planning Committee (MRPC) will review the requests on a monthly basis, checking for topic and date conflicts among existing SEG events, and sister societies and assessing the topic for relevance.
  • If you request a Level I-III meeting the person submitting the form will receive an email response with the committee's decision as well as information and due dates to fulfill your support.
  • If you request a Level IV or V meeting the meeting request will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. Events that are annually organized by standing committees and meetings that fall under a MOU are exempt from the Board approval step. The submitter of the request and committee staff liaison will be notified of the Board's decision.
  • Once the event is approved as a Level IV or V meeting, a meeting planner will be assigned to the event. The meeting planner will send a set of Guidelines to the organizers and will work with them on each step of the event to make it a success.

Remember to complete all information on the form so we can make an informed decision about your request. SEG will acknowledge receipt of your Meeting Request via email. Your Request will be submitted to the Meetings Review and Planning Committee on the first business day of each month. This committee meets monthly to review all requests.

If you request Level I, II, or III support, you will receive notification via email of the committee's decision by the 21st of that month. If you request Level IV or V support, if approved by the Meetings Review and Planning Committee, your request will be placed on the agenda for the next Board of Directors Meeting. Once the Board votes on your meeting request, you will be notified via email of their decision.


Please email with questions about meeting support and the Meeting Request Form.

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