SEG ROI Forum at NAPE Summit:
E&P Technologies that deliver a solid ROI

This forum has been cancelled.

This forum has been cancelled.


Houston, TX USA

This one-day forum will focus on technologies that deliver solid return-on-investment (ROI) from actual practitioners in the field, mostly in areas of depth migration, reservoir characterization, induced seismicity, and emerging technologies (machine learning, distributed acoustic sensing, etc.).

In today’s integrated world, this forum will be of interest to geoscientists, engineers, and the capital provider community.

Forum Topics

Chosen geoscience-oriented themes include:

  • Depth Migration – What are some processing challenges present in the unconventional plays, and how might depth migration help?  Case examples of Permian and Oklahoma Basin.
  • Reservoir Characterization – Integrated case studies demonstrating how seismic can aid in characterizing reservoirs in key basins. What return-on-investment can this provide for development and exploration?

    “From actual case studies, get ideas on how you can apply ROI-delivering technologies to increase the value of your deal.” – Allen Gilmer
  • Induced Seismicity – The increasing seismicity in oil and gas producing fields of the United States and Canada appears to be related to large volumes of injected fluid.  The goal of the discussion is to provide geological, seismological, and engineering framework to better evaluate and minimize seismic activity.
  • Emerging Technologies – How can machine learning make an impact to operations today?  Additionally, learn about recent applications of fiber optic cable to seismic imaging and rock properties analysis.

Steering Committee

Johannes Douma – Chair (Casillas Petroleum)
Bill Barkhouse – Member (SEG)
Tom Blasingame – Member (Texas A&M)
Paul Cunningham – Member (Amigos Energy)
Allen Gilmer – Member (Drillinginfo)
Nick Grenfell – Member (Sterling Seismic Services Ltd.)
Xiaojun Huang – Member (ExxonMobil)
Olga Nedorub – Member (Apache Corp)
Lance Cole – NAPE Staff Liaison (SEG)

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The purpose of this exercise is to champion the value and practice of understanding the cost and quantifying the benefit of oilfield technologies. By doing so, we create an environment of “technology expansion” and “technology adoption” in an industry that has historically survived by cutting investment in technology during inevitable down times. Presenting technology from an ROI perspective bridges the communications gap between the technical professional and finance and establishes appropriate key performance indicators by which to measure the adoption of technology. SEG has long been a leader in innovative technology and this effort acts as a necessary supplement to aid in its quick adoption of failure.

Schedule of Presentations


Chairperson's Welcome
Johannes Douma, Casillas Petroleum


Presentation 1:
E&P Technology Innovation: So where do we go from here?

Dave Cannon, Diamondback Energy

Presentation 2:
Fifty percent more oil from your wells - seismic shows where to drill

Klaas Koster, OXY

Presentation 3:
Optimal Development of the Hybrid Bone Spring Formation

Kenneth Schwartz, Chevron

Presentation 4:
Optimizing the Human/Machine Partnership: Revealing More Value than Ever from Investments in Data

Laurie Weston Bellman, Sound QI Solutions



Presentation 5:
Arkoma-Woodford Depth Imaging Project

Rob Yorke, AGT

Presentation 6:
The Value of Depth Migration, Viewed Through the Lens of AVO Az Inversion, for Unconventional Reservoirs

Vasudhaven Sudhakar, Schlumberger

Presentation 7:
A candid look at the value of pre-stack depth migration for unconventionals

Mike Perz, TGS


Presentation 8:
Unconventional Reservoir Characterization, Resource Assessment, Analytics, Machine Learning and Economic Outlook Modeling at the Bureau of Economic Geology

Bill Fairhurst, Texas BEG

Presentation 9:
Hydraulic Fracturing Induced Seismicity – Risk Assessment and Mitigation Protocol

Tim Tyrrell, XTO Energy

Lunch on Own - Networking

Presentation 10:
Operational Mitigation Strategies for Induced Seismicity

Shawn Maxwell, Newfield


Presentation 11:
Seismic Reflection Imaging with DAS Data for Long Term Reservoir Surveillance

Brian Fuller, Sterling Seismic


Presentation 12:
“Riding the Wave of Digital Transformation in Geophysics”

Dimitri Bevc, Chevron

Question & Answer Session

Final Remarks/Comments
Johannes Douma, Casillas Petroleum



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