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Near Surface Modeling and Imaging 2016

2nd SEG/DGS Workshop

6-7 March 2016
InterContinental Regency Bahrain
Manama, Bahrain

Join near surface geoscientists from around the world at the 2016 SEG/DGS Workshop Near Surface Modeling and Imaging Workshop. Launched in 2014, the workshop facilitates in-depth discussions and shares recent case studies and advancements in emerging technologies addressing near surface modeling, imaging and characterization challenges. Geoscientists from a wide geographic area including North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East are expected to attend, representing a broad range of near-surface disciplines in engineering and hydrocarbon exploration. The 2016 workshop will explore emerging and underdeveloped techniques including ground-penetrating radar, full-waveform inversion, and surface waves and will build on 2014 discussions identifying the need for further understanding of guided waves, anisotropy, velocity inversions, and the creation of an inclusive near-surface model.

Onsite Technical Program

Discussions will be centered on finding answers to the following questions:

  • How can we use Seismic interferometry?
  • How can we improve the accuracy of travel time tomography?
  • How can we use surface wave inversion for P-Wave imaging?
  • How can non-seismic methods improve the near-surface model?
  • What is the role of mode converted waves in near-surface modeling and imaging?
  • What is the impact of an inaccurate near-surface model on the success of prospect generation?
  • Should we include anisotropy and attenuation into near-surface modeling?
  • What quality control techniques we can apply on near-surface model?
  • Can multiple energies be used for building near-surface models?

Organizing Committee:

Riyadh Al Saad, Saudi Aramco (Chair); Ralph Bridle, Saudi Aramco (Cochair); Aqeel Ahmed, BAPCO; Mahmoud Hedefa, Saudi Aramco-UPDC; Mohammed Alhussain, Dhahran Geoscience Society; Abdulaziz Almuhaidib, Saudi Aramco; Abdullatif A. Al-Shuhail, KFUPM; Pier Paolo Bruno, Petroleum Institute; Sherif M. Hanafy, KAUST; James Shorter, PDO; Jie Zhang, GOTECH; E. Dianliang, BGP; Bashir Durrani, ARGAS; Bassam Al Julaih, GEOTECH; Chris Koeninger, Schlumberger

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