International Workshop on Gravity, Electrical and Magnetic Methods and Their Applications

SEG/CGS Workshop: GEM Chengdu 2011

10–13 October 2011
Beijing, China


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Workshop Goals

Significant advances in gravity, electrical, magnetic and remote sensing methods and technologies have been made recently while new types of geological targets, problems, and application settings bring new difficulties and challenges. Various industry and academic groups have applied these different geophysical techniques with noticeable successes in a wide range of areas including the exploration and development of oil and gas and minerals and investigation of environmental and engineering problems. Researchers and practicing geophysicists in different regions have developed innovative and successful approaches that are not widely known in the worldwide geophysical communities, whereas a lot of challenging exploration and engineering problems may not be exposed to researchers from different regions. The goal of this SEG/CGS workshop is to bring together experts from academia, government agencies, resources companies, and contractors to share the latest technological and methodological developments and successful experiences, and to discuss challenges and future directions and needs.

Workshop Topics

  • Methodologies and Technologies
    Instrumentation (land, marine, airborne and borehole) and field data acquisition
    Processing, modeling, and interpretation algorithms
    Integrated interpretation and joint inversion of multiple data sets
  • Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
    Hydrocarbon prospect generation
    Structural studies
    Exploration in difficult areas: deepwater, volcanics, fracture, etc.
    Sub-salt and sub-basalt imaging
    Heavy oil and oil sands
    Reservoir monitoring
  • Mining & Geothermal Applications
    Reconnaissance and regional structure mapping
    Regional lithology and mineralogy prediction
    Exploration under cover and at depth
    Deposit delineation and characterization
    Geothermal exploration and monitoring
  • Environmental & Engineering Geophysics
    Carbon capture and storage
    Geophysics in archaeology
    Geophysics for groundwater and hydrology
    Geotechnical applications
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