Gravity, Electrical & Magnetic Methods and Their Applications

SEG/CGS Workshop: GEM Chengdu 2015

19-22 April 2015
Chengdu University of Technology
Chengdu, China


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Workshop Goals

GEM Beijing 2011 was a successful workshop that attracted participants from different countries and provided excellent networking opportunities for geophysicists from different continents. The goal of GEM Chengdu 2015 is again to bring together experts from academia, government agencies, resources companies, and contractors to share the latest technological and methodological developments and successful experiences, and to discuss challenges and future directions and needs. Gravity, electrical, electromagnetic, magnetic, and nuclear magnetic resonance methods are among the primary tools for exploring natural resources (oil and gas, minerals, geothermal) as well as for tackling geotechnical and environmental problems. Sensors, tools, acquisition techniques, processing and interpretation methods are common among these different applications. This Workshop covers the technologies and methodologies, brings a suite of applications to a common forum, so that we can enjoy and learn from related applications of the same technologies.

Workshop Topics

  • Methodologies and Technologies
    • Electrical, electromagnetic, gravity, magnetic, and nuclear magnetic resonance
    • Instrumentation (land, marine, airborne, and borehole) and field data acquisition
    • Processing, modeling, inversion, and interpretation algorithms
    • Integrated interpretation and joint inversion of multiple data sets
  • Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
    • Hydrocarbon prospect generation
    • Structural studies
    • Exploration in difficult areas: deepwater, volcanics, fracture
    • Sub-salt and sub-basalt imaging
    • Time-lapse reservoir monitoring
    • Unconventional oil and gas
  • Mining & Geothermal Applications
    • Reconnaissance and regional structure mapping
    • Regional lithology and geology prediction and differentiation
    • Exploration under cover and at depth
    • Deposit delineation and characterization
    • Geothermal exploration and production monitoring
  • Groundwater Resources
    • Groundwater mapping and exploration
    • Aquifer system characterization and management
  • Environmental & Engineering
    • Geotechnical applications
    • Carbon capture and storage
    • Archaeology studies
    • Geoforensics

Invited Keynote Presentations

Five invited keynote speakers have confirmed to present at the Workshop. The speakers and the titles of their presentations are:

  • Successful applications of airborne gravity gradiometry presented by Mark Dransfield
  • Advanced airborne and ground geophysical technology for mineral exploration presented by Perry Eaton
  • Drilling risk assessment through integration of EM and seismic data presented by Zhanxiang He, Gang Yu, Zhigang Wang, and Xuejun Liu
  • Understanding world-class mineral systems and exploring for mineral deposits at depth using multi-scale and integrated geophysical data: A synthesis from SinoProbe presented by QingtianLü, Danian Shi, Zhendong Liu, Jiayong Yan, Jingtian Tang, and Guoming Jiang
  • Inversion of time domain IP data from inductive sources presented by Douglas Oldenburg, Seogi Kang, and David Marchant
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