Full Waveform Inversion: From Near Surface to Deep

27 April - 1 May 2013
Muscat, Oman

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Full waveform inversion has emerged as the final and ultimate solution to the Earth resolution and imaging objective. It can potentially include the comprehensive computational simulation of the true field experiment, in which the observed data is reproduced using the inverted model of the subsurface. However, FWI faces many challenges, which include:

  • How can we mitigate the cycle skipping problem?
  • Can we avoid low frequencies?
  • Is traveltime tomography a good source for an initial velocity?
  • What are the acquisition requirements (sampling, reflections, offsets, LF) for a proper FWI?
  • Can FWI be used to resolve near surface attributes, and how near?
  • In 3-D Full azimuth data is full waveform inversion too expensive?
  • How well diving waves can resolve the near surface?
  • Can we rely on refl ections in full waveform inversion?
  • What is the role of Multiples in Full waveform inversion?
  • Can we use annihilators in the data space?
  • Can we invert for the Salt body, or do we need to flood it?
  • What are processing techniques for proper FWI to resolve near surface and or imaging?
  • At what depth and resolution can the FWI be reliable?
  • When do we use Acoustic Impedance inversion and FWI to include pros and cons for various imaging (near surface vs.mapping horizons)?

The objective of this workshop is to discuss the challenges and difficulties in full waveform inversion for applications in resolving the near surface, as well as, land data and offshore subsalt.


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