Geoscience and Engineering Solutions in Contaminated Fields

2024 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Workshop Details

The demand for natural gas has increased significantly due to the growth of the world economy and also due to its value as the transitional fuel for the future. Presently, CO₂ and H2S content in gas fields globally accounts for up to 90% and 15%, respectively. Several gas fields either remain unexplored or have not been monetized due to technological limitations and the high costs involved in their development. Limited availability of sub-surface and engineering data and complex reservoir characterization impose additional challenges while building a business case of these fields.  These challenges are driving the need for the industry to explore new alternatives for more cost-effective and sustainable exploration and development of high CO₂, high contaminant fields.

This workshop will serve as a platform for industry practitioners, subject matter experts and researchers to share their experiences and exchange knowledge on:

  • Regulatory trends
  • Overall high contaminant(s) discoveries and appraisal challenges
  • Challenges in the quantification of contaminant(s) during the exploration phase
  • Emerging technologies, solutions and digitalisation
  • Best practices and lessons learned

Operators and technology providers need to determine whether the “cradle-to-cradle or cradle-to-grave” option is most suitable for each of their fields. This workshop will take the participants on a journey through the origins of contaminants; CO2, H2S and Mercury, to the workflows, tools and technologies applied to identify, manage, and safely dispose of these contaminants.

Workshop Objectives

This technical workshop aims to discuss an integrated and holistic approach to the application of cost-effective exploration, development and production of high CO₂, high contaminant fields through understanding regulation, emerging technologies, and their environmental impact. Participants are expected to:

  • Have an open discussion on factors affecting the measurement and monitoring of high CO₂, as well as exploration and development of high H2S and high mercury fields while gaining insights into the solutions, methods, and new technologies available.
  • Further investigate ways to reduce risk in the monetization of these fields
  • Strengthen the role of geosciences and engineering in predicting, avoiding, and managing the contaminated fields
  • Gain knowledge from case studies and experience shared by industry practitioners and researchers on tackling contaminated fields (both mature and green)
  • Open a discussion on proven and emerging technologies in managing contaminated gas fields and addressing the operational challenges

Organizing Committee

  • Committee Co-Chair – Sandeep Kumar Chandola, PETRONAS
  • Committee Co-Chair – Noriani Yati bt Mohamad, PETRONAS

Committee Members

  • Charlie Lee, Shell
  • Daniel Wong, GaffneyCline
  • Faris B Hashim, PETRONAS
  • Gargi Sen, Schlumberger
  • Hussen B Mansur, PETRONAS
  • Maziah Adura Abd Majid, PETRONAS (Research)
  • Mohamad Kamal bin Hamdan, PETRONAS Carigali
  • Mrinal Vohra, Empro
  • Sanjeev Rajput, PETRONAS Carigali
  • Suchat Komesvarakul, PTTEP
  • Wan Atikahsari Wan Zakaria, PETRONAS
  • Wan Mahsuri Wan Hashim, PETRONAS
  • Zamri Abdul Ghapor, Exxonmobil


Suba Jaganathan
SEG Asia Pacific
Telephone: +6014 323 8107
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


For Student Registrations (please note, all student non-members must submit a copy of their student ID to [email protected] or [email protected] to register for the event)

Registration fee includes: Coffee breaks (during meeting), Lunches (Tuesday-Thursday) and Post-Event Networking Break

Early Bird Registration Fee (must be registered and paid before 15 February 2023)
US$975 (member) | US$1,050 (non-member)

Full Registration Fee (begins from 16 February 2023 onwards)
US$1,100 (member) | US$1,175 (non-member) 

Group Registration of 5 Fee (rate per person)
US$950 (member and non-member)

Committee and Speaker Registration Fee 
US$890 (member) | US$965 (non-member) 

Academia Registration Fee 
US$300 (member) | US$375 (non-member) 

Student Registration Fee 
US$250 (member) | US$325 (non-member) 

Cancelation Policy

Written notice received by 15 February 2023 entitles registrants to a full refund of the registration fee minus US$50 for processing. No refunds will be issued after 15 February 2023. Substitutions are permissible with written approval by the event organizers. Notify Suba Jaganathan ([email protected]) immediately to request a substitution.

Who should attend

This workshop is aim at global peers from the geoscientists, petroleum engineers, drilling engineers, petrophysicist, geologist, geophysicists, reservoir engineers, data scientist, academia and other relevant disciplines from the industry who can benefit from the synergy provided by the content of this workshop

Workshop Format

The format of the workshop will feature presentations by invited key experts in their field and share their experiences. The workshop will serve as a unique opportunity to have an open and extended discussions among the participants.

6 sessions (2 days) and 2 panel sessions. We will aim for one opening speaker per day with closing session at the end of the workshop to serve as outlook going forward. The Oral presentations are made up of 15 min talk followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. After each session 30 minutes discussion session will be planned. The objective of this session is allow participants to discuss in details and learn from each what has worked for them and debate on issues and challenges facing them during their daily workflows. Session chairs will also serve as discussion leaders during the 30 minutes.


Please note that per SEG policy, travel expenses, visa and registration for the workshop will be the speaker’s responsibility.

Visa Information/Invitation Letter

Workshop participants may generate an official invitation letter from SEG. This form will generate a letter that you can print and use if required. For Visa requirements, attendees can apply for an e-visa here. Please find here the Visa requirements needed according to your respective country. Please note that SEG does not guarantee that you will be granted a visa, nor does it commit SEG to pay any expenses you may incur. It is the sole responsibility of the attendee to obtain the necessary paperwork for entry to Malaysia.

Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts submission extended, new deadline: 6 February 2023

Submit your abstract to [email protected] or [email protected]

We invite abstracts for the following topics – oral and posters:

  • Exploration, Development & Production
  • Global Analogs
  • HSE
  • Financial Implications – What is the impact on contamination/ Commercial Construct to attract investors
  • Business Models
  • Best Practices and Emerging Technologies
  • South East Asia- Case Studies

Abstract Format

Max two-page abstract + one figure, single column

Abstracts should include sufficient detail for the committee to judge the quality of the paper. Abstracts should be a minimum of 1 page, text plus 1 figure (optional), with a maximum of 2 pages. Abstracts should be on A4 size paper, have text in Times New Roman font (12 font size), and include both text and figures.

The title should be one or two-lines at the top of the page, in 12-point bold font. Authors should be listed just below the title in 10-point italic font. All text must stay 1 inch clear of the margins of the page. Submissions should be in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Sponsorship Opportunities

To maximize exposure and visibility for our partners, we offer an array of unique sponsorship opportunities designed to suit a range of budgets with specific target audiences for optimum return on investment. For a list of sponsorship opportunities and an application form for sponsorship, email [email protected] or [email protected]

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Important Dates

Call for Abstract extended:
6 February 2023

Early Bird Registration extended:
15 February 2023

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