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16 Apr 2020
Denver, Colorado, USA
URTeC unites the disciplines of unconventionals in this regional one-day workshop.
Postponed due to COVID-19 coronavirus concerns. Please check back for revised dates.
4 May - 7 May 2020
Houston, Texas, USA
OTC showcases leading-edge technology for offshore drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection. OTC is the world's foremost event where professionals meet to share technical advances, safety, environmentally focused solutions, and economic and regulatory impacts to advance the development of the offshore energy sector. 
Postponed due to COVID-19 coronavirus concerns. Please check back for revised dates.
17 May - 21 May 2020
Hefei, China
This conference is a platform where students from various geoscience backgrounds can come together to exchange ideas, present their research, and enhance knowledge. This year's theme is "Opportunities and Challenges for a New Generation of Geoscientists."
Postponed due to COVID-19 coronavirus concerns. Please check back for revised dates.
3 Jun 2020
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
URTeC unites the disciplines of unconventionals in this regional one-day workshop.
7 Jun - 10 Jun 2020
Houston, Texas, USA
ACE continues as one of the most prestigious events for the geosciences community with a tradition of delivering an exceptionally strong, juried technical program, state-of-the-art technology displays and networking activities that create a dependable, fun and valuable business forum. Founded over a century ago, AAPG was built upon the expertise and knowledge of many of the world’s most prominent and successful geoscientists.
15 Jun - 24 Jun 2020
Alberta, Canada
This 10-day learning series is designed for international corporate decision makers and scientists. Workshops will be held in the CSEG offices and beautiful site locations across Alberta and Saskatchewan with focus on the scientific approaches to natural resource development to promote the geosciences.
This event has been canceled due to COVID-19 coronavirus concerns.
16 Jun - 17 Jun 2020
Houston, Texas, USA
The theme of the 2020 Symposium is “How Geophysicist-Machine Collaboration is Changing Our Industry." It will include theory and case studies that highlight the applications of new technologies to solve Geophysical and E&P problems. The symposium talks will feature industry experts from operators, service companies and academia. Unique to this meeting are the extended presentation and discussion time. Ample time is allowed to fully develop topics and engage in lively discussion.
Rescheduled to 16–17 June due to COVID-19 coronavirus concerns.
24 Jun - 27 Jun 2020
Monterrey, Mexico
The Mexican Petroleum Congress (Congreso Mexicano del Petrόleo, CMP) is Mexico's biggest oil and gas event and one the biggest in Latin America, with major oil companies from all over the world attending. At the show, companies host exhibitions, and important conferences showcase the oil and gas market and operations in Mexico.
5 Jul - 10 Jul 2020
Aachen, Germany
The IGSC is the International Geosciences Student Conference, established in 2010. It is led by students and organised for students from all over the world majoring in various fields within geosciences focusing on topics related to energy, environment & sustainability, engineering and resources.
Postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19 coronavirus concerns. Please check back for revised dates.
20 Jul - 22 Jul 2020
Austin, Texas, USA
URTeC unites the disciplines by bringing together the entire asset team together under one roof to connect on all things unconventional.
12 Aug - 13 Aug 2020
Houston, Texas, USA
More intimate than the annual NAPE Summit, the regionally focused Summer NAPE is a must-attend event to network with the people and players who have firsthand knowledge of the opportunities and prospects. 
17 Aug - 19 Aug 2020
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The biennial Offshore Technology Conference Asia (OTC Asia) is where energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters.
31 Aug - 2 Sep 2020
Calgary, Canada
Whether your focus is petroleum, base and precious metals, geophysics, groundwater, bedrock and seabed mapping, geohazards, uranium or environmental remediation, GeoConvention 2020 will present the latest developments across a complete spectrum of Earth Science professionals. This is your ultimate opportunity to gain insight to your profession and the earth, sharing experiences and knowledge with your peers from across Canada and the world.
14 Sep - 17 Sep 2020
For 26 years, the GEO exhibition and conference has been at the forefront of petroleum geoscience. GEO has fast become a next generation energy event, hosting major NOCs, IOCs, manufacturers, technology providers and service companies – all of whom play an active role in the global energy value chain.
Rescheduled to 14-17 Sep 2020 due to COVID-19 coronavirus concerns.
15 Sep - 18 Sep 2020
Whistler, BC, Canada
The annual conference in Whistler, BC, Canada, will showcase the new science and thinking that will benefit society in the future, framed by the understanding of the scientific accomplishments in economic geology and mineral discoveries over the last 100 years.
5 Oct - 7 Oct 2020
Denver, Colorado, USA
ATCE brings together thousands of E&P professionals for technical learning, networking, and collaborating on the collective goals of the industry. Take advantage of the extensive technical program and multiple learning opportunities available at ATCE.
25 Oct - 28 Oct 2020
Montréal, Québec, Canada
The Geological Society of America convenes next year in Montréal, Québec, Canada, connecting researchers, government agencies, students, academia's leading instructors, and more with a who's who of industry vendors promoting the newest and most cutting-edge products and services.
10 Nov - 11 Nov 2020
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
This workshop will discuss the challenges, opportunities, and trends related to the adoption of Machine Learning in geoscience research and industrial workflows. Professionals from academia, Oil & Gas, and technology companies will present applications and case studies, promote discussion, and propose practical solutions to take greater advantage of Machine Learning methods.
Postponed due to 10–11 Nov. due to COVID-19 coronavirus concerns.
16 Nov - 18 Nov 2020
Buenos Aires, Argentina
URTeC unites the disciplines by bringing together the entire asset team together under one roof to connect on all things unconventional.
6 Dec - 10 Dec 2020
Houston, Texas, USA
The World Petroleum Council is a non-advocacy, non-political organization with charitable status in the U.K. and has accreditation as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) from the United Nations (UN). The WPC is dedicated to the promotion of sustainable management and use of the world’s petroleum resources for the benefit of all.
7 Dec - 11 Dec 2020
San Francisco, California, USA
AGU meetings foster learning and collaboration, and promote topics that enhance perspectives across Earth and space science.
8 Dec - 11 Dec 2020
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
We invite you to join the leaders and professionals covering a wide spectrum of industry, academia, and other organizations from across the globe in our discussions around the Energy trilemma. 
12 Apr - 16 Apr 2021
San Juan, Puerto Rico

This highly successful interdisciplinary biennial conference series is the most important international meeting that concentrates on the practical application of karst science. Geologists, engineers, and geographers, who study how and where karst develops and how sinkholes form, interact with engineers and planners, who apply this information to building and maintaining society’s infrastructure while protecting our environment.

We don't currently have any events scheduled in this region. But you can work with SEG to organize an event.

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