2018 SEG Beijing Workshop: Maximizing asset value through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

17-19 September 2018 | Beijing, China

This event has now concluded.


17-19 September 2018
Beijing, China

During the last two decades, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become deeply embedded in and impacted many industries such as finance, retail, communications, and oil & gas. Specifically, the oil & gas industry has experienced a digital transformation initiated by recent advancements in AI and ML. In the low commodity price environment, increasing efficiency, reducing cost, and maximizing asset value have become the top priority for many oil & gas companies. By gathering large volumes of information and translating those into actionable insights, AI & ML have enabled new opportunities and business models in the exploration & production (E&P) lifecycle for the industry. Current adoption of AI & ML in the E&P lifecycle finds its application in several areas including seismic processing and interpretation, reservoir characterization, drilling, completion, and production forecast.

This workshop highlighted new ideas that arose during the oil & gas digital transformation enabled by AI and ML. It explored the challenges, opportunities, and trends of AI and ML adoption in the E&P business.

Specialists from oil & gas and technology companies and researchers from universities and institutions came together to exchange new ideas related to the latest adoption of AI & ML in the E&P business. Case studies and active panel discussions enabled participants to set up new industry benchmarks.

Workshop Venue

Geosciences International Conference Center (China University of Geosciences), Beijing, China

No.29 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China


SEG China



Technical Program


Abstracts were solicited for the following topics:

  • Applications in geophysics and geoscience
  • Applications in reservoir characterization and performance prediction
  • Applications in drilling and completion
  • Applications in production surveillance and optimization         
  • Expectations and future trends

Workshop Format

This event consisted of oral and poster sessions for accepted abstracts.

Meeting Schedule

17 September
Onsite registration

18 September
Technical sessions

19 September
Technical sessions and workshop concludes

Technical Committee

Technical Co-chairs

Satyam Priyadarshy, Halliburton
Jackson Bi, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Youming Li, IGGCAS
Youli Mao, Halliburton

Technical Committee Members

Ashwani Dev, Halliburton
Kainan Wang, Sanchez Oil & Gas
Alfred Liaw, SEG China

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please contact:

SEG China
Tel: +86 10 5820 5048

Important Documents

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