Technical Program Schedule

Click any sessions below to review the abstracts accepted for that session, or download the full schedule in PDF format. SEG Dallas 2016 expanded abstracts are also available at the SEG Digital Library.

Abbreviation Topic
ACQ Acquisition and Survey Design
ANI Anisotropy
AVOSI AVO and Seismic Inversion
BG Borehole Geophysics
DIM Diffraction Imaging and Modeling
EM EM Exploration
FWI Full Waveform Inversion
GM Gravity and Magnetics
INT Interpretation
MG Mining and Geothermal
MS Multicomponent Seismic
NS Near Surface 
PS Passive Seismic
RC Reservoir Characterization
RP Rock Physics
SGS Special Global Session
SM Seismic Modeling
SPIR Seismic Processing: Interpolation and Regularization
SPMI Seismic Processing: Migration
SPMUL Seismic Processing: Multiples
SPNA Seismic Processing: Noise Attenuation
SS Special Session
ST Seismic Theory
SVE Seismic Velocity Estimation
TL Time Lapse
UAS Unmanned Vehicles Air, Land, Sea
VSP Vertical Seismic Profile

Oral Presentation Sessions

Room Monday 1:00 PM Tuesday 8:00 AM Tuesday 1:00 PM Wednesday 8:00 AM Wednesday 1:30 PM Thursday 8:30 AM
140 SPNA 1: Deblending and Marine Noise Attenuation SPNA 2: Land Data Noise Suppression SPNA 3: Imaging Enhancement SPNA 4: Broadband Deghosting INT 5: Chronostratigraphy and Interpretation for DHI
142 SPMUL 1: Methods in Development and Practice SPMUL 2: Radon, Elastic, and Inverse Scattering SVE 1: Case Histories SVE 2: Theory  NS 1: Applications and Innovations
144/145 PS 1: Microseismic Location and Velocity Modelling PS 2: Geomechanics and Source Mechanisms PS 3: Imaging Methods  SS 6: Injection Induced Seismicity PS 4: Signal Processing and Detection PS 5: Case Studies and Applications
146 SS 1: Progress in Applied Geophysics in China FWI 2: Anisotropic and Elastic Inversion 1 FWI 4: Anisotropic and Elastic Inversion 2  TL 1: Case Studies and Geomechanics TL 2: Methods and Acquisition VSP 1: Case Studies
147/154 ST 1: Interferometry SS 3: SEG-AGU Hydrogeophysics SS 5: Engineering Geophysics SS 7: Humanitarian Geophysics SS 8: Broadband Technology
155 SI 1: Case Studies SI 2: Theory and Application SI 3: Wavelets, Q,  Fractures, and Muons SI 4: Theory and Uncertainty SI 5: Tomography and Migration Velocity Estimation SI 6: Thin Bed and Facies Inversion
156 RC 1: Case Studies 1 RC 2: Case Studies 2 RC 3: Inversion 1 RC 4: Inversion 2 RC 5: 4D and CO2 Development RC 6: Attributes
162/164 FWI 1: Methodology and Development 1 FWI 3: Methodology and Development 2 FWI 5: Case Study 1 FWI 6: Case Study 2 FWI 7: Time-Lapse and Joint Inversion FWI 8: Overcoming Cycle Skipping
166 ANI 1: Anisotropic Inversion (Reflection and Borehole) ANI 2: Azimuthal Anisotropy in Field Data ANI 3: Anisotropy of Shales and Parameters Influencing Anisotropy  SPIR 1: Seismic Data Reconstruction 1 MS 1: Advances
167 RP 1: Pore Space Effects and Permeability RP 2: Shale Rock Physics RP 3: Stress Effects and Anisotropy RP 4: Rock Characterization - Measurements and Models RP 5: Models from Pore to Basin Scale RP 6: Laboratory Analyses of Heterogeneous Rocks
163/165 SS 2: Recent Advances and the Road Ahead ACQ 1: Land Acquisition 1 ACQ 2: Marine Acquisition  1 ACQ 3: Blended Acquisition Technologies ACQ 4: Land Acquisition 2 ACQ 5: Marine Acquisition 2
161 GM 1: Gravity, Magnetic, and Gradient Inversion GM 2: Interpretation and Instrumentation SM 1: Frequency Domain SM 2: Rock Physics Applications SM 3: Finite Differences and Case Studies
168 BG 1: Borehole Acoustic Measurements, Analyses and Modeling  MG 1: New Methods and Developments MG 2: Case Histories BG 2: Borehole Acoustic and Seismic Measurements, Analyses and Modeling BG 3: Borehole Resistivity Measurements, Analyses and Modeling  BG 4: Borehole Measurements and Modeling for Porosity, Dipole Radiation and Gravity
170/172 INT 1: Interpretation Methods and New Techniques INT 2: Spectral Decomposition Methods and Usage INT 3: Channels, Thin Beds, and Pinch Outs INT 4: Case Histories  INT 6: Case Studies  INT 7: Attribute Usage and  Generation
174 AVO 1: Workflows and New Indicators  SS 4: Surface Waves EM 1: Imaging and Inversion  EM 2: Exploration  EM 3: Monitoring Production Processes AVO 2: Advances in AVO Inversion Methods
171/173 SPMI 1: Elastic Imaging SPMI 2: Least Squares Migration SPMI 3: Beyond Primaries Only SPMI 4: Diffraction and Non-Specular Imaging and Sim Sources SPMI 5: Beam and Parametric Methods and Applications SPMI 6: Gathers and Image Decompositions

e-Presentation Sessions

Room Monday 1:00 PM Tuesday 8:00 AM Tuesday 1:00 PM Wednesday 8:00 AM Wednesday 1:30 PM Thursday 8:30 AM
141 FWI E-P1: Methodology and Development 3 BG E-P1: Borehole Measurements and Modeling 1 BG E-P2: Borehole Measurements and Modeling 2 PS E-P1: Ambient Processing and Interferometry GM E-P1: Interpretive Methods EM E-P1: 3D Modeling and Inversion Algorithms
143/149 INT E-P1: Fault Detection and Enhancement Methods RC E-P1: Miscellaneous INT E-P2: Reconstruction, Restoration and Fault Models FWI E-P2: Methodology and Development 4  SVE E-P1: Applications and Methods  INT E-P3: Miscellaneous Interpretation Topics
148 ACQ E-P1: New Acquisition Technologies SPMI E-P1: Methods and Applications SPIR E-P1: Seismic Data Reconstruction 2 SPNA E-P1: Algorithms SM E-P1: Theory SM E-P2: Applications
150 NS E-P1: Shallow Seismic Statics, Inversion, and Tomography  TL E-P1: CO2 monitoring and OBN RP E-P1: Fractures and Effective Media ANI E-P1: Anisotropic Inversion and Modeling RP E-P2:  Advanced Models RP E-P3: Heavy Oils and Novel Experiments

Poster Presentation Sessions

Monday 1:00 PM Tuesday 8:00 AM Tuesday 1:00 PM Wednesday 8:00 AM Wednesday 1:30 PM
TL P1: Processing Methods, DAS, Continuous, Feasibility, Steam ST P1: Seismic Filtering, Transformation, and Imaging PS P1: Microseismic INT P2: New Interpretation Methods ANI P1: Modeling and AVO Analysis for TI and Orthorhombic Media
SPMI P1: Advances and Applications in Seismic Migration NS P1: Effects of Near-Surface Variability on Seismic SPNA P1: Case Study and Algorithm GM P1: Interpretation and Parameter Determination SM P1: Applications
RC P1: Exploration and Development  AVO P1: Inversion Methods and Case studies ACQ P1: Land and Marine Acquisition   RP P1: Fluids, Rocks, and their Interaction FWI P1: Methodology and Development 5
SI P1: Tomography and Inversion INT P1: Case Studies RC P2: Unconventionals NS P2: Applications MG P1: Case Histories and New Developments 
VSP P1: Data Acquisition and Processing Methods SVE P1: Applications and Methods  SPMUL P1: Matching, Imaging, and ISS MS P1: New Developments EM P1: Physics, Processing, and Modeling


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