Advances in Marine Seismic Data Acquisition Workshop

7–9 September 2021 | Virtual

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7-9 September 2021

The workshop will bring together all aspects of marine seismic acquisition, highlighting advances in technologies and methodologies. It will focus on the science of data acquisition covering a broad range of topics, from advances in survey design to developments in seismic source, streamer and Ocean Bottom Seismic technology and its configurations, in order to address both exploration and development objectives. Workshop attendees will have a valuable opportunity to discuss among experts the future vision in domains such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotization.

Organizing Committee

Committee Co-Chair: Raimon Alfaro, TotalEnergies
Committee Co-Chair:  Martin Widmaier, PGS

Committee Members

  • Andrew Long, PGS
  • Ed Hager, Shearwater
  • Jeremy FitzPatrick, Independent
  • Julianty Sutan, Shearwater
  • Marina Costelloe, Geoscience Australia
  • Matthew Cannon, Shell
  • M. Zabuddin Zawawi, PETRONAS
  • Nicolas Tellier, Sercel
  • Noor Amin Zakariah, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
  • Tomohide Ishiyama, ADNOC
  • Zulkarnain Anas, KUFPEC


Suba Jaganathan
SEG Asia Pacific
Telephone: +60143238107
Email: [email protected]


Who should attend?

The workshop is designed to attract geoscientists, acquisition specialists, exploration managers, and researchers who have an interest in new advancements on marine seismic acquisition and its applications.

Registration Fees

Super Early Bird Registration Fee (must be registered and paid prior to 7 July 2021):

  • Member [US$375]
  • Non Member [US$450]

Early Bird Registration Fee (must be registered and paid prior to 7 August 2021):

  • Member [US$475]
  • Non Member [US$550]

Full Registration Fee:

  • Member [US$575]
  • Non Member [US$650]

Student Registration Fee:

  • Member [US$75]
  • Non Member [US$100]

Workshop Format

The format of the workshop will feature presentations by invited key experts who will share their experiences. The workshop will provide a unique opportunity for open and extended discussions among the participants.

Eight sessions (2 days). We will aim for one keynote speaker per day with a closing session at the end of the workshop to serve as the outlook going forward. The oral presentations are comprised of 20-minute talks followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. After each session, a 30-minute discussion session is planned. The objective of this session is to allow participants to discuss in detail and learn from each other what has worked for them and debate the issues and challenges facing them during their daily workflows. Session chairs will also serve as discussion leaders during the 30 minutes.

Poster Presentations are welcome to give ample time to the delegates to discuss the poster topic with the author(s). Posters will be in displayed in the workshop room available for viewing during coffee breaks and afternoon free time following each session.

Technical Program


Thibaut Choquer, Kappa - High-resolution acquisition solution for cost-effective marine seismic operations

Adriana Citlali Ramirez, TGS - Decasource offshore 3D Seismic Survey for Deep-Sea Mineral Exploration

Matt Canon, Brunei Shell - Near- field Hydrophe (NFH) for Geohazards

Andrew Long, PGS - Exploiting the Full Seismic Wavefield for Geohazard Quality Shallow-to Deep Resolution

Larry Scott, NCS Subsea Inc. - P-Cable Ultrahigh Resolution (UHR) Seismic Data for Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS)

Magali Collin, TOTAL - Wide streamer configuration for Exploration surveys in Deep Offshore – Learning’s and way for

Azmin Salleh, Shell - 4D Monitoring Technologies in Brunei shallow waters.

Emma McDonald, Ion Geo - Swath matching technique: An unconventional yet efficient way to acquire 3D seismic surveys offshore – A North Sea Example.



Sergio Grion, Shearwater - Hybrod PZ Streamers

Nicolas Tellier, Sercel - 3C MEMS sensors for True Vertical and Orthogonal OBN Sensing

Edysuzaily Kamarudin (Edy), PETRONAS - Embraced Technologies for Pre-Salt Imaging: An Integrated Approach to Address Different Challenges

Nikolay Amelin, Geology Without Limits - Extending offsets of the 3D towed streamer acqusition

Christophe L’HER, Sercel - Efficient and automatic detection of Harbour Porpoise click trains in seismic environments

Constatine Tsingas, Saudi Aramco - Autonomous Underwater Vechiles for Ocean Botton Surveys: Are we ready?

Satoshi Shimizu, Nippon Marine Enterprises -  Free Ocean Botton Node - Valued for the Sparse Node Technology



Tilman Kluver, PGS - The continuous wavefields method – improved source side sampling and operational efficiency with reduced sound levels

Gerrit Balcquiere, Delft University of Technology - Low frequencies and the consequence for seismic source design

Shotaro Nakayama, INPEX - Automated survey design for direct inversion of compressed data via the integration of a metaheuristic and machine learning

Rajiv Kumar, Schlumberger - Impact of Shot-Time Dithering on Simultaneous Source Acqusition - OBN Scenario

Chris Walker, BGP - Brunei’s first full Ocean Bottom Node Survey – Planning and Execution

Carine Roalkvam, PGS - Cost-effective multisensor streamer MAZ acquisition with wide-tow sources and variable streamer length

Tasvir Kaur, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.  -  Marine Vibrators: Possibilities of New Alternative Seismic Source in Transition Zone Area: A Case Study from East Malaysia

Hiroaki Ozasa, IHI Corporation - Seismic surveying with a deep-towed marine vibrator

Engku Aminulhakim, PETRONAS - Penta Source 3D Marine Acquisition in the Sarawak Basin Malaysia

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