2020 SEG Borehole Geophysics Workshop

26–27 November 2020 | Virtual Workshop


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26–27 November 2020
Virtual Workshop

Borehole geophysical measurements provide the essential data for connecting measurements between the earth surface, within the borehole, and in the laboratory. In conjunction with the concepts and principles from rock physics, geology, geophysics, and other disciplines, borehole geophysical techniques are used to optimize reservoir imaging and determine physical properties of reservoir rocks and fluids. Borehole geophysics is an indispensable component in oil and gas exploration, development, and production, and is gaining momentum in the industry. The industry today faces challenges from unconventional reservoirs such as shale gas/oil, tight sands, and fractured carbonates, while borehole geophysical technologies and solutions are being advanced. This workshop provides a forum for demonstrating and discussing these advancements, emphasizing the application and integration of logging, borehole, crosswell, and surface seismic data.

This workshop will focus on four key areas: (1) Accurate and more effective borehole geophysics solutions and modeling, (2) High resolution seismic and VSP imaging around and away from borehole, microseismic monitoring, (3) wireline logging and reservoir characterization, and (4) DAS applications and advanced development of borehole geophysics. The technical program will start with an opening session. Each day the workshop will have two sessions focusing on two of the key technical areas. Each session will start with keynote speeches on the theme of the session followed by presentations and discussion sessions. 

Technical Committee Members

  • Shujie An, Optical Science and Technology (Chengdu) Ltd.
  • Tao Chen, CNPC Logging
  • Jiansheng Cong, The Institute of Acoustics, CAS
  • Haiwen Cai, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, CAS
  • Xinding Fang, Southern University of Science and Technology
  • Haimin Guo,Yangtze University
  • Qingfeng Kong, Shengli Geophysical Research Institute of SINOPEC
  • Yanpeng Li, BGP Inc., CNPC
  • Yingping Li, Yingping Li, SEG China
  • Qingwen Liu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Yang Liu, China University of Petroleum(Beijing)
  • Yunjiang Rao, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
  • Qizhen Sun, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • Yuan Sun, Chang’an University
  • Xiange Sun, Yangtze University
  • Xiaoming Tang, China University of Petroleum(East China)
  • Chang Wang, Laser Institute, Shandong Academy of Sciences
  • Xiuming Wang, The Institute of Acoustics, CAS
  • Xiang Wu, Halliburton Singapore
  • Zhanshan Xiao, China University of Petroleum(Beijing)
  • Lizhi Xiao, CNPC Logging
  • Gang Xu, BGP Inc., CNPC
  • Tuanwei Xu, Institute of Semiconductors,CAS
  • Jizhong Yang, Tongji University
  • Gulan Zhang, Southwest Petroleum University
  • Ge Zhan, BP
  • Yusheng Zhang, Petro China Southwest Oil & Gasfield Company
  • Jingjing Zong, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China


Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)


Xi'an Shiyou University


Workshop Schedule

Opening ceremony and technical sessions
26 November 2020

Technical sessions and closing ceremony
27 November 2020

Registration Categories

Registration Fee
US$410 (SEG Nonmembers) | US$350 (SEG Members)
US$210 (SEG Student Nonmembers) | US$180 (SEG Student Members)

Refund/Cancellation Policies

Cancellations must be received via email to [email protected] before 6 November 2020 for a refund, minus the US$50.00 service fee. No refunds will be processed after this date. 

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16 October 2020

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27 November 2020

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