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As the faculty advisor for an SEG Student Chapter, you are uniquely poised to help students contribute to the field of geophysics and derive the maximum benefit from their SEG student chapter.


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The Faculty Advisor serves as the liaison between SEG and the Student Chapter. Choosing a Faculty Advisor (and/or Co-advisor) who is committed to helping and maintaining a Student Chapter will ensure the continuity of a Student Chapter. The success (or failure) of a Student Chapter is often related to the participation (or lack of) of the Faculty Advisor. Even the most energetic of Student Chapter Presidents need support and encouragement of the Faculty Advisor.

About SEG Student and Early Career

A presentation describing the missions and activities of SEG Student and Early Career, as well as the benefits available to students from SEG.

Download SEC 2017 Presentation (PPT)

SEG Student Chapter Handbook

The SEG Student Chapter Handbook describes all roles and responsibilities of SEG Student Chapters.

Download Student Chapter Handbook (PDF)

SEG Brand Standards and Graphic Guidelines

SEG has specific guidelines governing the use of its logo and graphical elements, which are explained in the materials below.

Download SEG Graphics Standards (ZIP)

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