SEG Student Chapter Excellence Program

The Student Chapter Excellence Program recognizes existing SEG Student Chapters for their engagement.

Congratulations to our 2020 Best Student Chapter, Uppsala University Geophysical Society in Sweden!

For your opportunity to win the 2021 SEG Best Student Chapter Award, complete the Student Chapter Report and Best Student Chapter Application between 1 January and 31 March at

Only the Student Chapter Reports with applications submitted by 31 March will be considered for the "Best Student Chapter Award", a $5,000 travel grant for the winning Faculty Advisor and one student member to attend the SEG 2022 Annual Meeting.

Every Student Chapter must submit a Student Chapter Report to remain active and qualify for Base level. The information provided in the Student Chapter Report and the Best Student Chapter Application will be used to determine the Student Chapter ranking (Ridge, Summit, and Best). All submitted activities must have taken place between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2020. Reports submitted after the deadline will automatically be awarded base level.

Student Chapters who do not submit the Student Chapter Report will be placed on inactive status. Once placed on inactive status, the Chapter will no longer receive The Leading Edge magazine and student opportunity to be selected for SEG travel grants will also be reduced.

Download Student Chapter Handbook (PDF)

List of Summit-level Student Chapters for 2021

Baku Higher Oil School SEG Student Chapter, Azerbaijan

University of Science and Technology China Geophysical Society, China

Student Geoscientific Society Berlin & Potsdam, Germany

Delft University of Technology Geophysical Society, Netherlands

Nnamdi Azikiwe University Geophysical Society, Nigeria

University of Bucharest SEG Student Section, Romania

Uppsala University Geophysical Society, Sweden

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Geophysical Society, Ukraine

List of Ridge-level Student Chapters for 2021

Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University SEG Student Chapter, Azerbaijan

State University of Rio de Janeiro Geophysical Society, Brazil

Al-Azhar University Geophysical Society, Egypt

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee SEG Student Chapter, India

Kurukshetra University Geophysical Society, India

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology Geophysical Society, India

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Geophysical Society, India

Gadjah Mada University Geophysical Society, Indonesia

University of Naples Federico II Geophysical Society, Italy

Tribhuvan University SEG Student Chapter, Nepal

Novosibirsk State University Geophysical Society, Russia

University of North Dakota SEG Student Chapter, Usa

Rutgers Newark Geophysical Society, Usa

University of Oklahoma Geophysical Society, Usa

Texas A&M University Geophysical Society, Usa

How your Chapter is ranked

  • Student Chapter officer/member roster (Required for all active SEG Student Chapters)
  • Participate in SEG student programs or activities
  • Volunteer for SEG
  • Chapter outreach
  • Collaborate with other Chapters or universities
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Faculty Advisor summary
  1. Student chapter officer/member roster (Required for all active SEG Student Chapters)
    This section is worth 10 points!
    This is the minimum requirement for the Chapter to remain active. A Chapter who does not complete this section will be placed on inactive status.
  2. Participate in SEG student programs
    This section is worth 20 points!
    Events to consider are Chevron Student Leadership Symposium (SLS), donating to the SEG Foundation, Exxon Mobil Student Education Program (SEP), Honorary/DISC Lecturers, participation in SEG conferences, SEG Field Camps, SEG professional development courses, SEG Scholarships, Technical Program Travel Grants (TPTG), etc.
  3. Volunteer for SEG
    This section is worth 20 points!
    Volunteering activities to consider are serving on an SEG board or committee, volunteering at an SEG-sponsored conference, editing the SEG Wiki, etc.
  4. Chapter outreach
    This section is worth 20 points!
    Consider an activity where the Chapter led an outreach event to a high school or another group in the community or submit a "How-To..." document which describes how other Chapters can set up an outreach activity of their own.
  5. Collaborate with other Chapters or universities
    This section is worth 10 points!
    Write about the most significant activity where the Chapter has collaborated with another SEG Student Chapter or another university.
    If no collaboration activities were realized, instead submit a "How-To..." document which describes how other Chapters can set up a collaboration program.
  6. Co-curricular activities
    This section is worth 10 points!
    List an activity where the Chapter organized an event for Chapter members where the activity provided social interaction and exchange of ideas between all levels of undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty. Or, where the Chapter established a relationship with local industry.
    The chapter may also submit a "How-To..." document which describes how other Chapters can set up a program which promotes this interaction.
  7. Faculty Advisor summary
    This section is worth 10 points!
    The Faculty Advisor will complete his/her comments on the status of the Chapter to demonstrate he/she is involved and aware of Chapter activities.

For more information about the Student Chapter Excellence Program contact [email protected] .


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