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The SEG's Members in Transition program in collaboration with NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (NVIDIA DLI), and Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer a wonderful opportunity for SEG members to develop and gain practical skills in Deep Learning through online courses.

Eight popular online courses are offered at no charge through NVIDIA DLI and made possible through the generosity of our corporate partners NVIDIA and AWS.

The courses are available on a first-come-first-serve basis and are available for all SEG members. All verified members who will register on this webpage will be provided promotional codes to enroll in the NVIDIA DLI courses. The following online courses ranging from beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels are offered. Before registering, please visit the course pages for course details and prerequisites and sign-up for a course that best aligns with your skill level and development goals.

  1. Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision (Beginner) -- Certification Course*
  2. Getting Started with Image Segmentation (Beginner)
  3. Optimization and Deployment using TensorFlow with TensorRT (Beginner)
  4. Image Classification with TensorFlow: Radiomics (Intermediate)
  5. Modeling Time Series Data with Recurrent Neural Networks in Keras (Intermediate)
  6. Accelerating Data Science Workflows with RAPIDS (Intermediate)
  7. Data Augmentation and Segmentation with Generative Networks for Medical Imaging (Advanced)
  8. AI Workflows for Intelligent Video Analytics with DeepStream (Advanced)

If you are interested in connecting with the NVIDIA DLI team for collaboration or have questions regarding the courses, you reach out to the NVIDIA team at

  • Make sure your SEG Membership is up to date and register using your SEG account credentials. If you are not an active SEG member, your registration will be canceled.
  • Two courses are allowed per participant. Additional courses may become available at a later date. Please indicate your course preferences in the registration form.
  • Do not register for the courses directly on the NVIDIA DLI website.
  • Instructions for redeeming Nvidia promo codes (PDF)

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