SEG Lectures

With the help of industry sponsors and affiliated societies, SEG selects industry experts each year to travel the globe offering lectures on the hottest geophysical topics. Lecturers typically speak for 45 minutes to one hour and offer a variety of locations and dates.

Selected Lecture Recordings
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Distinguished Lecturers

2-3 lecturers touring worldwide each year

Virtual Near Surface Global Lecturers

1 online lecture per year

Honorary Lecturers

Up to 6 lecturers each year in specific regions

Reservoir Characterization for the next generation

Subhashis Mallick

Honorary Lecturers
South & East Asia

Lecture Recordings

Recordings of past lectures from SEG On Demand

Advanced imaging for practitioners

Instructor: William Symes
Seismic Migration/Imaging

Simultaneous and coded seismic sources: present and upcoming technologies

Instructor: Raymond Abma
Surface Seismic Acquisition Techniques

Exploiting the huge advancements in EM instrumentation for full 3D large-scale resolution of the subsurface

Instructor: Esben Auken
Near Surface: Environmental Engineering Geophysics

How widespread is human-induced seismicity in the USA and Canada?

Instructor: Mirko van der Baan
Passive Seismic

Inverting every type of arrival for near-surface imaging

Instructor: Sherif Hanafy
Seismic Migration/Imaging, Near Surface: Environmental Engineering Geophysics

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