Dr. Yuriy Tyapkin

Yuriy Tyapkin has forty years R&D experience in seismic data processing and interpretation. He received an MSc (1973) in geophysics from the National Mining University in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, and a PhD (1982) and DSc (1994) in geophysics from the Institute of Geophysics at the National Academy of Sciences in Kiev, Ukraine. He held research positions at Ukrainian State Geological Prospecting Institute, Kiev, Ukraine, where his research interests included development of new methods for seismic data resolution and signal-to-noise ratio enhancement and for direct detection of hydrocarbons. He is currently a Principal Researcher with SE Naukanaftogaz, Kiev, Ukraine. For the past two years, the unconventional resources are his main focus. He has been involved in projects on technical evaluations of development and exploration prospects of unconventional resources in Ukraine. In 1995-2005, he was Professor of Applied Geophysics at the University of Kiev in Ukraine, teaching seismic data processing and interpretation in the Geophysics MSc Program and advising MSc and PhD theses. He was a visiting professor/researcher at the University of Pau in France (2007), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim (2005, 2006), China University of Petroleum in Beijing (1999), University of Geosciences in Beijing, China (1999), Northwest Geology Research Institute in Lanzhou, China (1999, 2013), and Northwest University in Xi'an, China (1999). He is an author of many publications in peer-reviewed journals and conference abstracts of EAGE and SEG annual meetings. Yuriy Tyapkin is a member of EAGE, SEG and European Academy of Science (EAS).

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