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William L. (Bill) Abriel is the past president of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG). Bill worked for 38 years at Chevron in the international application of new technology to active projects. Examples are the industry’s first deployment of an integrated team of geology, geophysics and engineering for production management, and Chevron’s commercial development and deployment of subsalt seismic processing and interpretation in the Gulf Mexico. Bill has been the principle geophysicist for Chevron in many geological areas with the responsibility to advance technology, integrate business results and negotiate with partners and governments. His experience extends to managing projects in the Gulf of Mexico, US Appalachians, US rift basins, West Texas, California offshore, Venezuela, Brazil, North Sea, Black Sea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, China, Offshore Siberia and Australia. During this time Bill, authored many articles and chapters in SEG and AAPG publications, organized technical conferences and spoke in many venues about the integrated business use of applied geophysics.

As a strong advocate of professional societies, Abriel has participated in a variety of SEG activities since helping found the Penn State SEG chapter at university in 1977 where he graduated in 1978 with a BS in geosciences and an MS in geophysics. During his time with SEG, he has been an assistant editor for GEOPHYSICS, TLE and INTERPRETATION, served on numerous SEG committees, including Development, Membership, Research, Global Affairs, and Distinguished Lecturer, was the SEG Spring Distinguished Lecturer in 2004, and the SEG/EAGE Distinguished Instructor in 2008. Abriel is a founder and twice board chair of a non-profit research company, the SEG Advanced Modeling Corporation (SEAM). He was awarded SEG life membership in 2007, and served as president in 2016-2017.

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