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Selim S. Shaker

Selim S. Shaker

Selim S. Shaker is a Consulting Geoscientist for Geopressure Analysis Services Inc. (G.A.S). He received a BSc, MSc, and PhD in Geology from ASU, Egypt. He also received a diploma in Hydrogeology from Prague University (UNESCO).

He started his career in Egypt as a well-site, stratigrapher, and structural geologist. During the 35 years of U.S. domestic service, his main function as Exploration Geologist was prospects generation in offshore Gulf of Mexico.

After retiring from Phillips Petroleum Co. in the year 2000, he consulted for Knowledge System Inc. (KSI) to collaborate on building their pore pressure DrillWork software and finalizing the DEA-119 and several abroad projects (4 years). He established G.A.S. to focus on pore-fracture pressure prediction, evaluating prospects' risk, geopressure compartmentalization, seal integrity, and salt-sediments interaction impact on leads and prospects worldwide, especially in the Gulf of Mexico.

He has taught several geopressure courses to the AAPG, SEG, HGS, MMS, BOEM, Halliburton, SCA, and multiple In-House courses for domestic and abroad clients. He is an active member of AAPG, SEG, CSEG, SPE, AADE, HGS, and GSH. He was the Chair of the pore pressure session AAPG 2014 and a convener of the AAPG Deepwater Geoscience Workshops 2010-2016.

Dr. Shaker has published 48 papers and articles regarding the application of geopressure in exploration and drilling.  His paper “New approach to pore pressure prediction” was awarded the GORDON I. ATWATER award, GCAGS 2015 Annual Convention.

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