Dr. Julian Ivanov

Julian Ivanov received his MSc – Engineering (1987) degree in geophysics from the Higher Institute of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilsky”, Sofia and gained experience in different branches of geophysics working for Geology   Geophysics Co., Geocom, and Schlumberger. He obtained a PhD (2002) in geology with emphasis in geophysics from the University of Kansas. He is an Assistant Research Professor at the Kansas Geological Survey. His research interest is in the characterization of the near-surface materials with applications to engineering and environmental problems by using seismic geophysical methods. He is particularly drawn to forward modeling, nonuniqueness, and inversion of first-arrivals (i.e., refraction/tomography), surface waves, full waveform inversion, inversion with other geophysical methods, and in general. His inversion research is exploring the use of a priori information for reducing/minimizing inversion nonuniqness and obtaining as accurate as possible inversion results. His focus is on the development and application of seismic refraction/tomography and surface-wave analysis techniques. He is also involved in software development for making such techniques available to the geophysical public functioning as a scientist, software architect, software engineer, programmer, project and quality-assurance manager, and a user-experience designer. He has taught more than 65 2-day short courses and workshops on the multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW) method. He is a member of EEGS, EAGS, and SEG.


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